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We are familiar with our inner demons. They are as real as the five classical elements of Nature. Hiding in plain sight through rain and shine. We always wish for that extra surge of inertia which can make those demons flee and enable us to master ourselves. Wishes do become needs when awareness strikes hard. We end up desperately searching for the power to overcome our inner demons.

Power is stored securely in the neat compartments of your mind. Few of those compartments are painfully difficult to unlock. That’s the toil. It isn’t easy.

Once unlocked, power needs immunity from itself, lest it should corrode and corrupt. Also, essential is the focus necessary to cement the power.

It is important to understand that power and happiness maybe mutually exclusive, depending on how power is perceived and in which direction the moral compass is pointing.

Power Development Program by Partha PD—PDPbyPPD—enables you to render your inner demons powerless. Deep self-understanding, meticulous planning, and focused actions equip you with the ability to be mentally impregnable. Partha PD helps you design your mental gym and rigorously trains you to own yourself.

Partha PD designs your character to yield, live with, and manage your power.

The magic is in his conversations


Management Consulting Firm, India

My entire family is mentored by him. PPD doesn’t use any framework. Just talks. The magic is in his conversations.

That is the level of attention I am talking about


He not only knows the strengths and weaknesses of each mentee personally but also advises them accordingly. When I finally improved to some level after attending several sessions, I met with an accident, which forced me to leave for home in Bhubaneswar.


My youngest mentee is a 16-year-old school student from Spain, whereas my eldest mentee is a 65-year-old entrepreneur from India. Most of my clients are extremely ambitious individuals who want to achieve phenomenal success and live a meaningful life.

Anyone who wants to master themselves and live a meaningful life will benefit from this program.

The duration of and the fee for the program are decided upon consultation with the mentee. The average duration is nine months.

The programs are mostly (~90%) conducted one-on-one.

I conduct the offline sessions at a mutually convenient location. The mode of the online sessions can’t be disclosed here.

Because of the nature of the programs, I sign a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with all my mentees. The identity is not revealed without written permission from the mentee.

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. You may like to talk to my mentees to get an idea of my work. Quite a few of them are kind enough to make themselves available to discuss their experiences with prospective applicants.

I go deeper into every small aspect of my mentees’ lives.


Application to any of the programs follows a two-step process:

1. Essay: Please e-mail a statement of purpose, as a single-spaced PDF, to share@lifedesignerppd.com. Limit your story to 800 words.

Be bold. Be original.

If your essay is shortlisted, you move to the interview round.

2. Interview: The purpose of the interview is to understand you and to assess whether you are a good fit for the intensive mentoring sessions, assignments, and social experiments.

The entire process takes three weeks from the date of application.

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