“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.” ― Isaac Asimov How often do we feel like a rudderless ship? How often do we feel where are we actually heading? I believe even the most disciplined and sorted man sometimes feels lost. Personally in my life I have often asked myself these questions. We confide in our parents, our friends and our near and dear ones. But even though they may be able to provide us hope, consolation, optimism, in very rare occasions can they provide us the perfect guidance that we need to navigate through the rough waters. In my childhood I was a studious boy. Probably since my parents are teachers, I was very academically inclined and things were going pretty well till class 11-12. This was the time of the dreaded transition. Everybody used to say these 2 years could make or break my life and probably for the first time I got literally confused. The rat race just got way bigger. Every serious student was running from tuition to tuition to crack the holy grail of engineering entrance examinations. Some even went to Delhi to join FIITJEE. An army of entrance examinations were waiting to attack us at the end of class 12 and the pressure was tremendous. I loved Physics. Especially Mechanics and Electrodynamics. I didn’t want to become another rat in this rat race but did not even know whether it was right or wrong. My parents always supported me and never created any pressure, but tension was in the air. What I lacked was a proper career guidance from someone who knew the pros and cons of all possible routes. Someone who could design my life. I did not appear for any engineering entrance exam and joined Presidency Physics Honours. Decision was mine. But one year later I understood this was not what I envisaged. I loved solving Physics problems but here I had to mug up hundreds of derivations. The University syllabus was bad and Physics taught in college somehow never stayed that interesting. It was time for another transition and I again decided to change track and study Computer Engineering. I again got fixated on joining only the department of Computer Science as the subject was interesting to me, unlike Electrical or Electronics etc. Those four years in Jadavpur University were the best days of my life. But again after graduation, transition was waiting. It was like a multiple choice question: A) JOB B) GATE C) GRE D) CAT and people can choose multiple options. This is exactly where we need a life designer who will know our strengths and weaknesses and suggest us what is best for us. However you don’t often get what you wish for. I chose option A and D, and in this journey met Partha aka PPD. He not only did teach me verbal ability. He chose me how to leverage my strengths and work on weaknesses. He did not confine his lectures in the closed boundary of what comes in CAT or GMAT. He became a friend, philosopher and guide. He has this uncanny ability to read you and then guide you in your journey. He helped me join Indian School of Business. Not only me but many of us believe that had we met Partha before in our lives, the transitions wouldn’t have been that troublesome. In short he is that life designer I want to send back in time to help me transition in all those difficult times and make my life a lot better than what currently it is.