My first engagement with Partha was in 2015; I was applying to Business schools and I reached out to him to improve my communication skills. I had read about him in Pagalguy and my decision to seek his guidance was quite impulsive. The expectation from the engagement was to only improve my communications skills. I learnt that effective communication is not limited to speaking fluently and confidently, rather it encompasses a broad spectrum of multiple qualities. Effective communication is both verbal and non-verbal and one is required to be a good listener, critical thinker and speaker. Disciplined effort is required for all those qualities to merge into an expression that is authentic, empathetic and clear. Partha once said that “Communication skills are contagious “and I did learn a lot by conversing with him and by observing him and other students. At that point of time I only wanted to clear B – school interviews but I got much more out of the engagement, whose benefits are long lasting and impactful. I continued to seek his guidance over friendly text exchanges and calls for my professional growth and his piece of advice would be authentic and inspiring. Few years later, I was in a state where I felt disconnected from reality and was overwhelmed with emotions, which I failed to acknowledge. I was looking for guidance to take back control over my life, which seemed a bit off balance due to mismatch of expectations. I went to Partha for help. He would patiently listen to me and I felt comfortable expressing myself without inhibitions. Slowly he helped me acknowledge the emotions that had been overwhelming me and the underlying reasons of those emotions. I did lots of tasks, as per his instructions, that made me calm and focused. Acknowledging an emotion, strong or weak, and understanding the reason of that emotion is critical for one’s mental health. Over a period of few months, I was able to regain control of myself. I continue to practice some of the advices that were given by Partha. I am very happy that I once made an impulsive decision which turned out to be a wise one.