Prannoy Ray

To start with, Backspace is not just any other GD-PI prep institute down the street. It is a mandatory pit-stop for every B-school aspirant in the race that consummates with a final admission offer from his or her dream institute. The USP of Backspace lies in its Unique yet Simple and Personalised pedagogy, spearheaded by the one and only Partha PD sir – a man of many talents, mentoring being the greatest one. From encouraging us to look into the “Mirror” in the ultimate quest of self-realisation to nurturing the seeds of “Finger thinking” in a bid to put thoughts to words, from enticing us to come “Out of the case” and overseeing our transformation from a “Dumb and Fat Pappu” to “The Economist”, Partha sir has been an exemplary friend, philosopher and guide in the truest literal sense. My experience at Backspace has been nothing short of phenomenal. I wish I could capture the entire journey in “Frames per second”, as it whooshed past. My heartfelt respect and gratitude go out to the entire Backspace family. In closing, I would like to say that in the “Daud” through the gates of our dream B-Schools, the key that you should be hitting for “Survival” is Backspace!