Prashant Dhinoja testimonial
After my MBA entrance exams, I was sweating over joining an institution to prepare for the next step of MBA Admissions that is Group Discussions, Personal interviews and Written Ability Test. Backspace came to me as a bolt from the blue when my friend recommended it to me as I had not heard about it. I finally joined it after some research and now after undergoing coaching at Backspace I can safely say that I will thank my friend for life for recommending Backspace to me.

I went from being that individual who was always underconfident, to a focused and determined individual with a sense of belief about everything in my life. After experiencing what Backspace is like I now extend the recommendation that I had received from my friend to join Backspace to you all by highlighting some points about Backspace which I feel make it stand out. In true sense , Backspace's coaching program is focused on overall Personality Development and not only on B-School Admissions. Alongside preparing students for B-school Admissions, Backspace seeks to enable students to use their B-School learnings to become better humans and not just earn fat pay packages.

Learning only through a flow of knowledge from a teacher to student is now obsolete. At Backspace there is a dual flow of knowledge among teachers and students which again makes it stand out. Most importantly, the team at Breakspace works round the clock tirelessly during the B-School Admissions Season, be it conducting mock interviews for students , engaging students in online discussions so as to their personalities or being always available to reply to the countless queries of students. Students are allowed to gel with the team to bring about greater learning through the valuable insights provided to them by the team members from their vast personal experiences. All in all , Backspace's program presents an opportunity to open windows towards adding a new dimension to both your life and career.