Pratik Nagi

Having born and brought up in a middle class family, I had to fight for everything. The fact that nothing came easy developed the “never give up” trait but did little in shaping my personality. Given that converting a call is way more difficult than getting one, I decided to enroll in Backspace seeking for assistance in the process. As things turned out, Backspace is way beyond just a coaching center, its a learning platform. The weekly 6-8 hour classes, full of group discussions, written assessments and group activities leaves a significant impression on your personality which not only helps you in the GD-PI-WAT process but even beyond that. “The Sales Race 2018” was one such activity conducted in Backspace which I went on describing in one of the interviews I had given which in turn left a positive impression on the panelists.Not to mention the simulated interviews, which aid a great deal in framing responses to the expected interview questions. The mentors, both Partha and Sharukh Sir, assisted even on a personal upfront in order get rid of the pessimistic attitude which I once developed after scoring not so well in CAT. I almost converted all my calls but life isn’t just about converting these calls, it’s more about the lessons you take away from this journey which are enriching. I genuinely want to thank Backspace for making me a better human being..