Pratik Rakhecha

Having touched 97+ mark in CAT in all my attempts but unable to convert any decent call, I was actually a bit depressed. This is when I decided to join Backspace. I thought of it as just an institute to learn about GDPI skills but after 7 hr sessions on weekends I realised it not only teaches us tips to crack interviews but also the mantra to lead a successfull life. In my 21 years of learning, I never came across any person or institute which changed my perspective towards life to such an extent. It was Backspace which helped me do it. Backspace is not just an institute to learn GD-PI-WAT skills but it is a platform to re-discover yourself. One to one sessions, Mirror interviews , Let’s communicate sessions actually helps you realise what your real potential is. Partha Sir is someone who can read you very well and has all the answers. He just waits for you to ask sometimes and gives you an answer which really helps you a lot. Mentors guide you for both life inside and outside of a Bschool classroom. I genuinely want to thank the team for helping me throughout and I would recommend to join Backspace and atleast give a chance to yourself for learning something new