When I decided to start preparing for an MBA, the first thing that concerned me was the huge batch size of the most common Coaching Institutions in and around Kolkata. Even before I decided to start my preparations, I was clear that I needed some serious guidance in English. For someone else, the problem area could have been Maths or Logical Reasoning for the matter. So, the most important thing while choosing an institution for guidance is ensuring to what extent the personal guidance is going to be because everyone has his own set of problems that need solving, and my set of problems are likely to be different from yours.

Personal guidance is very much dependent on the batch size. For someone who had spent a couple of years at Kota for IITJEE preparation, I had the first-hand experience of the fact that no matter how much the faculty is willing to provide personal guidance, at some point, when the batch size is huge, personal guidance is logically not feasible. So, that ruled the common Coaching Institutes (TIME, CL, IMS etc.) out of the scenario, at least for me. Another option, that might have been available was learning online, but again, for someone with almost 4 years of experience, online classes would have been too flexible to be taken seriously. Then, I learnt about Backspace. I would not try to glorify Backspace, as an institution, only because I have studied here, rather I would like to share my experience of 8-9 months that I invested at Backspace. The focus at Breakspace is not only to get you the coveted percentile, but also to develop you as a person.

The CEO, PPD Sir, is very stringent about punctuality, be it about arriving to class on time, or submitting assignments on time. Even a second late is considered late, and necessary actions are taken as per policy for the defaulters. Personality development was given as much importance as learning development. Discipline was given the utmost importance. The batch size is small, when compared to other institutions, I studied in a batch of 10 students, which ensured that all our doubts and queries were addressed to, individually. The door was open at all times for anyone with doubts. If you think that you need more practice on a certain topic, and communicated the same to the teachers, it is ensured that you have sufficient practice on that topic.

To classify into the three CAT sections, VA is taken up by PPD Sir, who also an IIM-A alumnus. The QA and LR sections are taken up by Shahrukh, an alumnus of IIM-C. The course is rigorously structured, to cover all minute details of the syllabus, not just for CAT, but also for similar examinations. The communication does not end at just the hours of the class, it continues over Facebook and Whatsapp too. Besides weekly assignments given out in the class, daily assignments over Facebook are given equal importance.

It is ensured that to continue the course, you are completing the assignments daily, and you have spent sufficient time on your assignments. All the assignments are diligently discussed, and the class proceeds at the pace of the slowest learner. The slowest learner is given ample time, opportunity, and practice to no longer be the slowest learner of the class. The practice materials are generally a few notches above the average difficulty level of the actual examination, to ensure that even a difficult paper on the date of the examination is unable to breach through the defense. By the time it is September/October, you are likely to become the Virender Sehwag of easy questions, with the defense of Rahul Dravid in case of a difficult set. If you think personal guidance is what you would require, Backspace is the go-to institute for all MBA entrance examinations.