Rahul Chokhani

In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can be gained only through proper guidance and experience. Only GD and PI sessions would be there was what I thought. But after commencing my classes at Backspace, I realized that the sessions were much more interesting than my expectations. From Group/Case discussions to JAM and group tasks helped me to understand the leadership attributes and be a team player. Then there was Partha Sir, whose willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, helped me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold into others perspective. The whole backspace team is just like a family. The mock interviews though stressed sometimes, enabled me to be confident for the actual interview and finally convert the calls. Backspace does not ends with just the conversion of calls but it goes on to work on personal brand and develop the traits needed to make an impression in a professional environment. The words and action of Partha Sir always wants a person to be a good human. Thank you Backspace!