Rahul Choudhury || IIM Kashipur

Just like a cup of freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee with perfect thickness of latte spread over it lifts your mood,Breakspace provides you with that experience in a mortal world in a different sphere altogether.It’s indeed “breaking the space” in its arena and genuinely stands apart from others in the league.The trio of PPD Sir,Sharukh Moin Khan,Srinath Raghavan indeed brings the best out of you. The knowledge sessions provides you key insights of the road ahead and one could use it to chisel one’s characteristic traits. You can select the way you wish to customize your preparation as per your requirement.Round the clock assistance is another plus.Moreover,you get the rich advantage of peer to peer learning while interacting with the smartest brains of India.You get simulated interviews where you might get totally shattered only to come back in a much better form.As they say,what doesn’t kill you,makes you stronger. Definitely a thumbs up! Breakspace will definitely give you more than you expect- preparing yourself for the battles ahead,without giving more spoilers,I would say go and experience yourself. “Once you come out of the storm,you won’t be the same person ever again.” Happy learning!