Ratan Dubey

Ratan Dubey Testimonial
The most difficult thing in this world is the decision to act and act in time and if you are reading this it’s not too late. Believe me it is not. As I write this, I imagine myself sitting on the coasts of Kerala beholding the beauty in front of me and thanking all the gods for helping me to arrive at the decision of joining Backspace. But why would one believe in something that somebody has to say. Let your discretion gain hold of your senses and you decide for yourself: ‘There, once, was a guy who scored 23.xx percentile in Verbal Ability and after two years made it to IIM K’. There is a link, as you guessed it right, that is gravely missing. Yes, it is BACKSPACE! The programmes Verbospace and PDPbyPPD are the ones I had the opportunity to be part of. Both are very meticulously designed standard programmes that can help one recognise the zenith of one’s potential. Verbospace tremendously helped me in improving upon my comprehension skills to ace VA and I attribute this success solely to the creator of Backspace. He is the Verbal doctor who understands you and your weaknesses in his first diagnosis and pushes you in the right direction to cure you of your verbal fever. He believes in the ability of each and every student of his and materialises the belief into palpable converts. But the creative learning is not the only thing Backspace had to offer me. The ambiance provided to me as a Backspacian was conducive to excellent peer learning which I think is very important. At the end I think what mattered the most is what I experienced at Backspace. This was something so profound that I never realised if such kind of creative learning can do so much good to an average aspirant like me. Thank you Partha and thank you Backspace for your constant faith and help in recognising the winner in me.