Raushan Kumar Pandey (IIM Trichy)

After previous failed attempts, I had a decent attempt in CAT 2013. I joined Backspace as I sensed GDPI would be a tough round for me. At Backspace I realized that I needed to improve a lot for having any real chance of converting a meaningful call. PPD, at this point, had been extremely supportive and constantly guided me to improve and get better. PPD senses pulse of every student and figures out the area one needs to work upon. The other thing one finds at Backspace is the unique way PPD conducts sessions. He brings so many elements while preparing students for GDPI, WAT, Case Studies that it keeps everyone intrigued, anticipating about the class. The aim of all these surprise elements is to first make one at ease with oneself and later on to encourage one to stretch oneself to become a better and effective speaker. The amount of dedication, time, energy that PPD puts in for every student and ownership that he takes for helping everyone to perform at their best is very inspiring and encourages one to complement his efforts. Joining Backspace has been a very wise decision for me. It introduced me to a model teacher and a wonderful personality in PPD. I feel I would have benefited more had I joined Backspace earlier. Team Backspace has been a bunch of great characters, very supportive and encouraging.