Ravi Shankar Rai

Backspace… I got to know about this awesome institute from one of my best friends Pankaj… and about PPD from Ankit. Ankit told us ‘n’ things about Backspace and PPD. I am jotting few of them below: 1)It’s a different type of institute. I mean not like any conventional institute. 2)You will get proper one to one interaction. 3)There is one faculty who will guide us. 4)He is very strict. 5)You will be thrown away for any misbehaviour etc. And naturally we assumed the picture of our teacher as a tall man with big red eyes who will scold you time and again. But our assumption was totally wrong. I am talking about point number 4,5. He (PPD) is a simple, fair and sweet guy with a big smile and for sure his eyes are not RED. I learned many things, which I can’t write in this small space, but most important thing is using FB for noble cause i.e., studying. As I am from vernacular medium, my english is not that good, actually basic which I improved with the help of Backspace. I recommend everyone to join this special and awesome class. Thanks, a lot Backspace for everything!!!