Sahil Singhal testimonial
Yes, Partha Sir is a Life Designer.
He has this genuine quest in him to help others. This makes him even more empathetic and he can relate to the person almost instantaneously. He finds his happiness in the happiness of others I feel. Partha Sir and I had a close talk as part of one of the assignments. To my amazement, he was able to catch the nerve of all my problems. That thing is very strong in me. I used to assume some other things as my weaknesses, but he was right in guiding me that those would be my strengths.

Once I joined B school, I was quite over whelmed by the cut throat culture inside. I took advice from him one day and told maybe I am not cut out for this. He said you don’t have to be like others to win. It’s finally your call how you want to pave your way. That serves as a guiding light till now for me.

Apart from this, Partha Sir guided me on a lot of other core issues and was always there to show me the right path. He also gave me confidence that I can achieve things and should not underestimate myself. He emphasized a lot on having empathy and focus on learning. I always remain conscious of keeping these crucial and useful values deep ingrained in me.

To conclude, I would say that Partha Sir is a different person. He is one of the most genuine, kindest, selfless, inspiring and helping persons. He is like ‘Chanakya’, one of the greatest mentors of all times. I am glad to have crossed paths with him. In the rushed life of B-school I have acquired the herd mentality to some extent. But writing this reminds me of him and the lessons he taught me and those inspire me again to be fearless, curious and ambitious again. PPD is a life designer.