Backspace is just like a light that shines brightly at the end of a dark tunnel. Being a fresher and no prior experience of the interviews, I was terrified to the core. The word 'terrify' is as good as an understatement. Then, I came to know about Backspace and read the success stories through the testimonials and I had this feeling that 'Yes, that's it! This is where I have to put my faith in', and I immediately interacted with Shahrukh sir. He remained so calm with all my qualms throughout till the end.

Partha PD sir is not just your mentor but family. He scolds you, yes! But, it is always on-point and for our own benefit. Within just quite a few interactions, and that too online, he has the ability to capture your personality which sometimes even we are not remotely aware of. That sounds quite surprising at first but when it happens to you, it comes as a shock. A pleasant shock. Backspace is not just about interviews, but life at large and Partha sir is a 'life designer' in its true sense. These 3-4 months were an experience in itself. Right from filling the b-school forms to the mock interviews to the final calls, you name it and you have everything for them here. I heartily thank the whole team of Backspace for the invaluable learnings which will remain with me till the end."