Sayak Chakraborty

Sayak Chakraborty Testimonial
When I entered into backspace for the first time, I didn’t have much idea about their personalised development program except for the fact that some of my acquaintances spoke very highly of it. Fast forward to the month of may, I’m having admission offers from IIM Kozhikode and Indore. Needless to mention, what has played the most pivotal role behind this. It’s backspace consulting. Their course content, so well curated that it prepares an aspirant not only for entering into a bschool but beyond that as well. The sessions that I had attended at backspace taught me a lot but most importantly, humility. It was an absolute privilege to have Partha sir as the mentor, who by far is the most phenomenal communicator that I have ever met. Finally it’s time to acknowledge the efforts of the person, without whom I’d have never been able to make it to iimk. He’s Shahrukh Sir. The kind of untiring support he has provided from conducting innumerable interviews to answering queries 24*7 is simply unmatched by anyone else. I hope backspace consulting grows by leaps and bounds in the years to come.