Sayan Saha

Sayan Saha testimonials
9th January, 2017 would always remain a memorable day. It was the day CAT results were declared. Having secured a good percentile, I was quite eager to kick-start my GD-WAT- PI Preparation as I knew that this is the most important stage; the stage where you go toe to toe with the best in the country. At the outset, it looked impossible to prepare for as one is tested on a plethora of aspects such as current affairs, knowledge of your undergrads,personality and behavioral traits etc. In search for a platform which would help me build on these aspects, I came across Backspace. Describing this place as a GD-PI preparation class would not do justice to the unbelievable experiences this place has to offer. Everything at this place is filled with creativity and eccentricity. Be it the application form or be it the way the weekend classes are structured and organized, you will always stumble upon something way out of the ordinary. Each and every part of your preparation is taken care of by means of JAM sessions, Extempore, WAT, Group Activity, Knowledge sessions etc. The program offers mock personal interviews suited to the B-School of your choice, as no 2 B-Schools have the same interview style. To top it all off, one has access to the interview transcripts of other students as well. These prepare you in the best way possible as it almost takes away the unexpected surprises that await one in a B-School Interview. Trust me, once you endure through these, even the most stressful interview would be a walk in the park. But, the thing that really stands out in the program is the mentorship of PPD sir. He not only makes you better prepared for an interview but I believe he makes you better prepared for life. One could really transform one’s personality by imbibing the wonderful traits displayed by him. This is a place where one might very well rediscover oneself. Sans hard work, no one can guarantee you a convert of your coveted call but what this place does ensure is that you leave here as a better and happier human being!! All the very best to Backspace Consulting LLP!!