Sayantan Biswas

Two Months!!! Yes, two months was all it took for Partha (for he stoutly refuses to be addressed as ‘Sir’) to effect the metamorphosis from a brooding individual who was sceptical of his abilities to someone with the confidence and affability to tackle the sternest of IIM interview panels. Having had calls and having converted and dinged by IIMs before, I was acutely aware of the fact that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. With a disappointing outing in CAT 2013 and XAT 2014, I only had a handful of colleges to target. It was at this juncture that I decided to join Backspace for the PDP – having been introduced to the institute by a college senior a year ago. It was a gamble, for someone who was living in Durgapur and working six days a week, I was unsure as to how many sessions I could attend. But at Backspace, Partha has a solution for all your prep-related problems. Telephonic interview sessions, consecutive interview slots on weekends as per my requirement and the planned increase in PI sessions as the actual interviews zoomed into view – everything ensured that my preparation was never found wanting. Partha also ensured that I had a place to stay for the night on Saturdays. My heartfelt thanks to Saket bhaiya for the same. With his brand of infectious optimism and an unwavering belief in self-fulfilling prophecies, Partha ensured that our morale was never flagging. At Backspace, nothing is left to chance. Everything is meticulously planned – right down from institute specific interviews and all sorts of eclectic questions that the panel may throw at you at an actual interview. Destiny conspired against me and I could not convert my best interview from IIM Ahmedabad. But thanks to Partha, I could convert the other calls I attended – IIM L, K, S and New IIMs. Partha taught me to smile and remain positive – even when you are bamboozled by the interviewers. For it does not require an encyclopaedic knowledge to convert an interview but something far more important – maintaining your composure and equanimity even in the most stressful of situations. And that was mastered at Backspace through rigorous practice. Also the mock GDs and numerous group activities helped a lot in clearing those respective hurdles in the B-School admission processes. A testimonial about Backspace would be pitifully incomplete without a mention of Team Backspace – Ritesh, Sumeet, Saket and Ankit – a quartet which kept the institute ticking under the guidance of Partha. Thank you for being there when it mattered. A Proud Backspacian.