Securing a good CAT percentile was certainly a big achievement for me but as they say CAT is not to select the deserving ones but to reject the undeserving ones. The WAT/PI conducted by the IIM's is a bigger challenge as you are up against the very best, with odds terribly against you and with every topic under the sun to prepare for. I have always been very skeptical of coaching centres and none of them gave me the confidence to take their help in this all important stage.

After a few nervous days I came across the name 'Backspace Consulting LLP' in an online forum and whatever little I learned about the place, it convinced me to give it a shot. From the application form to the class activities, every small thing about this place is submerged in creativity. The weekend classes give you a framework regarding what to prepare and how to go about doing the same which gives an idea about the topics to prepare. The GD training is thorough and enough to prepare you for every topic possible. The WAT topics are relevant and essays are graded and useful feedback is given to learn from. The best part about the entire program were the personal interviews. Each interview is structured as per the style of a particular institute and every aspect of your personality and profile is tested so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the actual interview.

You will be grilled, intimidated and your personality shattered, only to be re-built again in the best possible manner. The most unique thing about Backspace is that it gives you much more than you expected. Throughout those 12 weeks you will go through new experiences which will contribute to your growth story in unexpected ways. You will understand the importance of discipline and good communication and gradually develop these skills.

You might just end up re-thinking about your career goals. It gives a taste of what B-Schools will be like and prepares you for the same as well. You are sure to receive a few reality checks and you learn to look at the stars with your feet firmly planted in the ground. By the end of it clearing the WAT/PI round became the least of my worries. It was an enriching experience, an amazing journey and I did end up being the alumnus of my dream B-School.


The CV workshop gave insights which were suggested by no one else in the campus. The head start which one receives is enormous, and while everyone is spending sleepless nights trying to come up with a mediocre CV at best, I could focus on my interview prep and academics. A few hours spent here went a long way in helping me getting a shortlist of almost all the companies and in making my life at IIMs a lot easier which ultimately created a lot of difference.