Enrolling at Breakspace, offline or online, definitely gives one an edge over other call-getters across the country. The institute-specific mock interviews as well as the luxury of going through transcripts of the interviews taken by your peers covers all bases for the Personal Interviews. The periodic writing tests as well as the Group Discussions in class makes one aware of the required outlook and equips one with the necessary skills.

Having completed the journey here, I realise that Breakspace through it's unique style - encompassing regular classes and a myriad of activities; has successfully enhanced the way I perceive and understand the world around me. The program has made me more self-aware than I was at the beginning. The importance of lateral thinking and being confident about one's individuality stressed on by Partha Sir has the potential of not only securing a seat at a premier business school and performing well in there but also changing a student's approach towards life at large.

It has just been a pleasure to experience the different roles that both these individuals play- that of a teacher, a mentor, a big brother and a friend. The freedom with which one can communicate with them is something that can only be experienced. To sum up my experience here, Breakspace has been one those investments whose returns I will be enjoying perpetually. It has initiated a long series of big and small changes in me which I am sure to experience over due course of time. Thank you Breakspace for taking the extra mile and making me a more positive and confident person. I will always look back on the time I spent here, with a broad smile.