Shrikanta Somayaji

When I approached Breakspace, it was my third attempt at the GDPI process. I had received interview calls from the top IIMs and XLRI in my previous attempts due to a good score, but had faltered at the last step, the interviews. Breakspace helped me with not just the practice but gave me a new perspective to view myself with and this I feel is the greatest value that Breakspace has added to my life. It began with a creation of a baseline of my level of preparation and confidence. Every mock interview acted as a feedback mechanism for my next mock interview, helping me build on strengths and smoothen out the rough edges. Common interview pitfalls that I had really not noticed earlier were highlighted and reinforced with every mock interview. By the time I gave my actual interviews, I could say that I was much more confident about speaking about myself that I ever was before. But the preparation wasn’t restricted to just mock PIs – we were given extensive preparation in personality building, written ability and GDs for the entire period of three months. I owe a major part of my admission to one of India’s premier B-schools to the personalized attention given by Partha Sir and team.