Shrinjina Mittal testimonial
A mentor helps you work on yourself and leads you towards self-development. I would like to share my experience of how this happened for me. Since the past few months, my life has experienced a lot of changes; as a person I have been affected a lot by them. As I started my journey of B-School, I was this scared, nervous kid. Every little thing affected me so much, as if it were the end of the world. Sometimes I felt it was the environment which was such but then I realized that actually these were my inner weaknesses and insecurities which were calling out to me; drowning me with them. Slowly, I became familiar with my flaws and started accepting them. It happened not so easily though. Sir, who was there with me through all these phases listened to me intently while I would express all my emotions, even the darkest ones in front of him. He adopted different approaches with me. Earlier the softer one when he would explain to me with a lot of patience but that didn’t quite work. My problems were deeper. I was used to letting my emotions take over me all the time. Sir, then started calling me out for these things, he made me come across with the much more deep and difficult problems others face. He made me realize that I was being so absorbed in my own little problems that I stopped seeing there are bigger worries in the world and that I should be grateful for what I have and what I am. He made me come across my flaws, and as I did, I wanted to fix them immediately. Again, I headed on a wrong path by hoping for quick fixes. Doing so only made me sad and felt bad about myself. Sir understood what I was doing and this time he made me see how beautiful I was a person. Made me believe in myself by showing his belief in me. He wanted me to be able to love myself, the way I love the ones who are close to my heart. He wanted me to be kind and forgiving towards myself the way I was towards people I loved. I was learning, but not with the dedication and discipline he wanted. I would seek out him when I needed help but what he wanted was a more disciplined approach, he made me aware of that and left me for good. Initially I felt I had lost a big support. I was sad too. But there was nothing I could do. Sir is very particular when it comes to discipline, so I decided to work on myself by myself by putting into practice all those Sir had taught. Slowly, those feelings which made me weak faded, I started feeling strong and motivated. Well, that was the turning point I would say. During all this I successfully achieved all the goals I had set for myself and many I didn’t even think for myself. But as I look back it was not the accomplishment of these tangible goals that make me happy but how I evolved as a person through all this. I feel confident and in love with myself. I am less scared now and that’s why I am able to bare my heart and share what I have shared, my truest experiences. Still there is a long way for me, but I know I can make myself even better. And Sir, he is there with me, probably not in the earlier way but as a good friend who I can reach out to at any time, who cares to know about me from time to time. I feel lucky for having met him and for having experienced all this. It has made me appreciate myself, love myself and work on myself and become a better person.