Shrinjana Mittal

I learnt about breakspace from a friend of mine . Having heard about it and having experienced it , I can say that words can never do justice to the amazing journey it entails. Still I am going going to make an attempt by recollecting my experience. I still remember when I was going for my first class , I was very nervous as my previous experiences of gd pi classes had always left me feeling quite low of myself because of my inability to speak comfortably in front of people . Little had I known then ,that it was not going to be just a gd pi training class . I came out smiling after my first session , not because I spoke really well or did something great but because the very first session made me realise that even though a lot needs to be worked on , but with my effort and their guidance, I would be able to achieve that. Listening to Partha sir gave me that motivation in the very first session . Discussion of all the topics, case studies propelled us to think differently, something that Partha Sir always insisted on . And his insights on every topic , after every discussions , actually helped us achieve that . Listening to him is always very enriching and thought provoking. It makes you reconsider your way of thinking and motivates you to work on improving it. And that does happen bit by bit with practice . I could see that change in myself . When I went for my actual group discussion , I was actually able to make few different points that stood out and I could think of them because of the learnings and practice that I had received in class. The interview transcripts uploaded on the Facebook group helped in preparing for interviews. Even the feedback provided by mentors after every mock interview was really helpful . Also there were knowledge sessions conducted and notes provided on various areas that made the preparation relatively easy. The group activities conducted in each session were very unique and interesting. It helped build in us the ability to work in teams and also to lead while doing so. The best thing about the entire program is the constant support and guidance from the mentors . Partha sir , Sharukh sir , Arito sir , they are all amazing in their own ways. They put in a lot of efforts to individually help each one of us attain our best potential . This season also introduced -Let’s Communicate sessions . In this Partha sir took each one of us out for a one to one interaction with him where in he helped us understand ourselves , making us come across many aspects that were unknown to ourselves and suggested us ways in which we can improve on them. Taking out the time to do this when it is not something he has to , and doing it so beautifully , with so much compassion tells a lot about his love for his students. He wants to bring the best out of all his students. It is rare to find such mentorship , where the mentor goes out of his way to help his students . What you will takeaway from breakspace is beyond gd pi training, beyond call conversions, beyond classroom learning . Breakspace has given me an amazing experience , lots of good memories and lessons learned for life.