Shruti Saraogi

Backspace was a life changing experience for me. It helped me enhance my communication skills and encounter stage fear to a great extent. The active student participation through the super active Facebook group, facilitated the flow of information and helped to stay updated with all the significant affairs. The mock interview transcripts uploaded were representative of the actual questions asked in my Bschools’ interview. Over the course of the programme, one gets ample number of opportunities to participate in Group discussions, Extempores, Group activities, WATs and Debates, et cetera. This has helped me broaden my perspectives and horizons. Overall, the whole programme was closely in line with what one is ought to face in the actual Bschool selection process. Partha Sir, the man behind all this, exactly knows the strengths of every individual and believes in capitalising on it. He has always encouraged us to think the unconventional way. His friendly nature made us easy to approach him with all our problems, even though, professionalism was never compromised. This is what made him unique. Siddharth Sir is extremely knowledgeable in diverse fields. The questions that were asked by him in the mock interviews led us to do a detailed analysis in varied number of topics. Aritro Sir, with his reassuring presence, guided us and motivated us immensely, in the course of the programme. One thing, that I feel needs to be worked upon, is the marketing of Backspace itself. Before joining, I did not have a lot of idea about Backspace. One would also feel that the fee charged is on the higher side, because of the lack of information about the services offered, prior to joining. I therefore felt that a free counselling and interaction session could have been taken by Sir, before joining ,so that students could understand more about Backspace and Breakspace, in particular. Overall, my Backspace journey was phenomenal and full of learning. It’s something I am going to cherish throughout my life.