Siddharth Sridhar

Breakspace has been the key ingredient for me to make it to the IIMs! While I was always performing well in CAT, I somehow fell short when it came to the interviews and would always end up in the waitlist of colleges. This year I decided to enroll in Breakspace for WAT/PI preparation based on the feedback I had received from my peers. And it was the best decision I could have taken! The experience I had at breakspace was extraordinary. The program which has been designed by Partha Sir is not just to help you with your interviews, but it is something which will help you throughout your career. According to me, the focus of the program is to improve you as a person, to make you become a self aware individual, to help you become more confident and in this process help you deal with your interviews as well. The sessions that were conducted by Partha sir are extremely important for any individual, let alone a B-school aspirant. In addition to these sessions, the mock PIs that are conducted by the team help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. They also help you get a clearer idea of your future goals and objectives, which are very important from a B-school perspective. And all of these meetings – the sessions by Partha sir or the Mock PIs can be conducted either Face-to-Face or via online modes, which is the best thing an aspirant can ask for. Hence, I would recommend any B-school aspirant to definitely give breakspace a try!