Smriti Singh (IIM Trichy)

There is always this problem with accuracy- it is technically impossible to attain. Science graduates will confirm that random and systematic errors are not like the universe-creating Big Bang – real but rare. Rather they are more devastatingly common- they happened to every measurement ever taken. The disclaimer that I am hinting at is this: what I write here is far from accurate because there are countless things that I am not mentioning in the limited space here and because it is easy to fill in words but understandably impossible to fill in the feeling. Also, ‘Backspace’ and PPD are used interchangeably- they are one as we all know. Now, out of the innumerable things that Backspace taught me, here are some that I would share : 1. Limitations of time and energy are designed to beat chewing-gums as far as stretchability is concerned. PPD proves it everyday and as Backspacians, the excuse of lack of bandwidth cannot legitimately belong to any of our speech and thought. 2. An IIM grad does not need to chase money like it’s oxygen for survival. Chasing money is far too ordinary anyway. Instead, truly divine is following one’s passion. My faith in the best bschool of this country stands unshaken as I know for a fact that it does not manufacture single-focussedly-money-minded alumni. 3. There are creative ways of doing anything and everything. Had I not been a part of PPD’s sessions, I would have never believed that teaching and mentoring had scope for so much path-breaking innovation. 4. It is possible to stay humble when even audited reports can confirm that you belong to a league of select extra-ordinary individuals. 5. Conventionalist populace has got this horribly wrong: Screaming is not a motivational tool. I clearly cannot recall PPD ever screaming to make us to do what we needed to do. Needless to point: At Backspace, creativity is a way of life. 6. Forgiving is cool, revenge is not. Learning this from PPD was easy but practizing is a lot harder than it seems. 7. It is perfectly okay to do good for people, even if there is little chance of a repayment, or worse, there exist some thankless jerks who would not even value what is done for them. PPD makes goodwill look good in times where it is fast-fading. 8. Bad spellings and bad grammar are an eyesore. As a Backspacian, I cannot anymore get comfortable with any of them. Speaking and writing responsibly has got to be Backspacians’ trademark trait. 9. Now, the last point on my abridged list: Apple suits PPD more than it suits anyone else. None of Apple products ever crash and neither does PPD. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of ‘Thank you’. It sounds like the end of a transaction, like a concluding note and my association with Backspace cannot conclude. Although I would hate to carry the unspoken ‘thank you’ with me, I would hate it even more to wind up the most amazing experience of my life. Briefly put, there are very few people I do not want to ever lose touch with and forever be just a call/ping/sms/mail away. I hope I am allowed to grow with Backspace, contribute and be a part of its adventures that come along. PPD is the awesomest person I ever came in contact with. – A proud Backspacian 🙂