Sourav Saha (IIM Raipur)

‘Thoughts to words’- the words that struck me first when I heard about Backspace, the expression that inspired me to join Backspace, the phrase that has changed my life for the better. My two-year journey at Backspace has made me learn where I stand and what I want to do with my life. The transition from being a pessimist to an ardent optimist is what Backspace has done for me and for many more aspirants like me. Before joining Backspace I never used to think that I could also be among the best, I was more than happy with what I was getting. But Partha, our mentor, a friend in the right sense of the term, instilled that confidence in me that I should strive for more, that I could earn more and that I could emerge a winner. My preparations never took a hit even when I had met with a serious accident before my exams, as Partha was more than ready to help me prepare in every way possible. His belief in me was enough to get me going in that tough phase of my life. That confidence ultimately paid off as I now have admission offers from a few of the top 20 B-schools in India. There are institutions, there are places where you go, sit, hear, and try to learn something, if possible. And then there is Backspace, which is a totally different breed when it comes to learning. One may not understand the relevance of effective communication, the importance of being creative and making informed choices if one has not been at Backspace. That is where Backspace stands out from the rest. Backspace has given me hope, helped me pursue my dreams and be a better individual. And if you want to be the next in line, I believe Backspace Consulting LLP is the place to be!