Soutik Roy

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” And here at Backspace I found a teacher who not only inspired but accompanied me all through the journey of so-called CAT-XAT. Being a typical bong and a JU-ian, I have that typical laidback “hocche-hobe” attititude and so in my final year at college I decided to follow the mob and join just any ‘coaching centre’ to get through the b-school interviews. But the very first day, when I stepped into Backspace I got a feeling that something is different here and it’s more than a coaching centre and this belief further got reinstated when I was asked to fill in the form where there were questions that will compel even the most dumb person in the planet to THINK DIFFERENT. I feel I am lucky to share class here with some of the top b-school aspirants and the peer learning through numerous group activities, group discussions and mock PIs prepared me not only for the b-school admissions but for the life after. The countless hours that we put in together enhanced my preparation and helped to boost up my confidence. So when I entered the actual GD-PI rooms I knew in the back of my head that I am well prepared. What makes Backspace unique is the individual attention and constant nagging from Partha, that helped me to constantly improve and outdo myself everyday. Thank You Partha for believing in me and helping me to aim high and convert some of the coveted b-school calls. Proud to be a JU-ian, BACKSPACian.