Putting my experience at Backspace in writing is nearly impossible, nevertheless I will give it a shot. Backspace, as the name suggests prompted a negative sentiment to me, something to be deleted, to be redressed and so on. Jetting out of my subconscious mind, these thoughts hovered in my head while I stepped into Backspace for the first time. Like we have seen in typical admission consulting firms, I was expecting a receptionist to receive me and help me with the paperwork. Quite contrary to my expectation, a smart young gentleman stepped out of a conference room and greeted me to the firm. He did not mention any of those trivial processes, and again quite contrary to my expectation, my first day at Backspace started with, not an introduction but a case study.

Unique, simple and effective, that was my first session at Backspace. People say office aesthetics does not matter, but it does, we often fail to realise it. The bright sunlight pouring through the massive windows, the beige interiors with pictures of staff members, the small details like branding every tangible product, look and feel of the furniture, et cetera (the list goes on though) brings out the scholars in most of us. And then there is the PPD. He is a brand, sculpted with the finest of precision. He does not believe in trivial lecturing, rather he leads by example. Partha sir made many of us cry during those ruthless stress interviews. But then that is why most of us converted our dream business school calls.

As I have learned at Backspace, only a good person can make a good manager. I am thankful to Backspace for making me a better person.