Sreedpito Bhattacharya testimonial
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.' - William Butler Yeats. It takes a special person to light that fire in us, to raise our expectations and never give up on us, no matter how challenging it might be. When one reaches great heights, one knows that at some point in time there was a special person. Untiring, unrelenting and unfettered, this man not only explains things so well that mentees understand but also get the mentees to explain things well enough so that they can be understood. I do not know why but maybe one should experience the journey first hand to realize. However, the thing that amazed me the most was the creativity with which PPD accomplishes even trivial tasks. Right from the nomenclature of the various sessions for PDP to the various real time activities, all seemed so unique and refreshing. I was merely imbibing unconsciously.