Srijita Chakraborty testimonial
The best thing to have happened to me in a long time was not when I joined XIMB, but when I walked through the gates of Backspace and took the journey of self-discovery with 40 other starry-eyed, eager aspirants.

Rarely have I come across a teacher like Partha, who in his inimitable style makes you believe in yourself and helps you to turn your dreams into reality. Partha made us do things that none of us ever thought we could. His one of a kind group exercises made us stretch our limits, challenge our notions and taught us to perceive the world differently. Armed with the rare combination of army-like strictness and fatherly warmth, Partha ensured that all his proteges turn their weaknesses into a host of enviable strengths after the end of the 2 most glorious months.

Partha made me push myself to Backspace my diffidence and helped me to come out as a new person. I pride myself for being a Backspacian and for being mentored by someone like Partha. I wish I could inspire and encourage the way he does.