I am pleasantly surprised by the way networking has worked in my life. None did I know about the relationship that was about to nurture when I met Mr. Partha PD for the first time in 2016 at one of the events in Kolkata. During that time, I was going through a phase wherein I was perplexed with the competing expectations of self, my family members, my friends and my profession. I was keeping hard to analyze and channelize my time, energy and emotions. I had been looking for someone to guide me in my life. That is when the Life Designer program came to my rescue.

Mr. Partha PD analyzed my daily routine, my expectations, my aspirations, my emotions and my behaviour. He gave me specific questions and tasks that helped me understand myself and the world better. I developed habits that helped me channelize my energy, time and emotions in the right direction in a sustainable manner. I understand myself a lot better after the program, an aspect that has helped me crack the B-School Interviews this year. I am going to be a part of ISB Co’21, a dream come true.

The program shaped my understanding of Empathy and Compassion. I learnt to be kind towards self and others, that helps me control my emotions, that in turn helps me in building and maintaining healthy relations.