I met Partha and I liked him immediately, not for the immensely gifted person that he is (I got to know about that gradually), but for his unassuming and friendly demeanor. I started with the PDP sessions and they were a real eye opener. I realized the competition was actually even fiercer than what I had thought at first and I had a lot of catching up to do. Being in a job which was extremely taxing, involved a lot of travelling and gave me very little time of my own, I found it difficult to prepare properly and even attending the PDP sessions regularly was not always possible for me. When I used to be out of station or too busy to attend sessions, I would receive regular updates and tips from Partha over the telephone. This aspect where you realize your mentor is just as worried as you are is what sets it apart. The personal touches, the little pats on the back and the subtle nudges in the right direction really go a long way in making an individual feel that he can make it.