My quest to be in a premier league MBA college started way back in 2009, when I was in the last year of college. Good or bad that was the only thing I wanted to do and my career seemed incomplete without it. However, the journey wasn’t very easy for me. Years kept on passing and every passing year was an unsuccessful attempt and disappointing one. After several unsuccessful CAT attempts and few GMAT attempts, I was finally able to get an interview call from the Indian School of Business in January 2015.

With less than a week to prepare for the interview, I tried to lay my hands on every piece of information I could. It was then, when I came to know about Backspace Consulting LLP on Pagalguy from a student of ISB who was groomed at Backspace. With just three days left for the interview, I came to Backspace and Partha sir tried very hard to bring out the best in me. But I believe three days weren’t enough to fulfill my dream. It was really heartbreaking to come so close to fulfilling the dream after years of efforts and getting rejected. The rejection made me lose all my self-confidence and I didn’t know what to do. It seemed like the end of the road for me as another attempt would also just end up on a similar note. But Partha sir gave me the motivation and the push that was needed to help me mentally prepare for another round of preparation. I realized my weaker areas and started working on them. Partha Sir made me dream beyond what I was dreaming and under his guidance I was able to get calls from top-notch colleges such as HEC Paris, Simon Business School, IIM B and IIMC, IIM L. These were colleges which I had not thought of even applying a year back as I considered them to be beyond my capabilities.

The sessions in Backspace helped immensely in improving my communication skills and made me prepared to face any kind of interview. Finally the efforts were well paid off when I was selected in the Indian School of Business and IIM L (IPMX) program. My journey was a long one and was filled with lots of upsets and disappointments but now that I am through with it I can say that God’s delays are not God’s denials. I thank Partha sir for mentoring and grooming me to achieve my dream.


Slowly he helped me acknowledge the emotions that had been overwhelming me and the underlying reasons of those emotions. I did lots of tasks, as per his instructions, that made me calm and focused.