Swaminathan Iyer

Swaminathan Iyer Testimonial
“Tell me something about yourself?” Okay, I say to myself, straightforward question, I have an answer in my mind. I’ll just process it into words, and say it out loud. Sounds easy? Perhaps, it is. But I broke into an incoherent babble, and killed my chances in the first 2 minutes of the interview. The year was 2014. A year later – Same question, same thoughts. Different execution. The difference – Backspace – Thoughts to Words. The nausea that I had developed against interviews was treated on the first day itself of Breakspace-S04. The three months that I spent there were among the most productive of my life. Not only did it develop my confidence to face the interviews, Breakspace connected me with some brilliant people, and a mentor, who would go to any length so that you could give your best. After facing interviews the year before and failing to convert a single call, I had realized that cracking the exam was the simpler one of the two battles in the selection process for B-schools. The tougher battle, the interviews are what will make or break your candidature. The pedagogy at Breakspace covers all bases, not only for interviews, but for life at B-schools as well. A heartfelt thanks to everyone at Breakspace. Most of all to Partha, for not just his guidance as a mentor, but, for the little things – about how to keep your feet firmly on the ground, about how not to get bogged down by failure, to make one realize that the most important thing is to be a good human being. I have been a Delhiite, a Kolkatan, an NITian and a Backspacian. I enjoyed being a Backspacian the most.