Swarna Singh

At Backspace as they say ‘from thoughts to words’, such has been my journey. After a few honest yet unsuccessful attempts to make it to the top tier B-Schools, despite having a decent academic background, I joined the institute last year as a part of the ‘Verbospace’ programme. Little did I know that I was up for a foundation course that will help me not only to understand the nuances of the English language but also to help me maximize my performance in time bound tests like CAT & XAT. My dreams were given the wings of reality over a period of less than a year though a well planned and rigorous curriculum with enough exposure and opportunities which in no time drove me out of my comfort zone making me more confident and equipped for all the upcoming challenges. The best part about Backspace is that it gave me an environment where I could be myself with all my flaws and imperfections. Mentorship of Partha, has been such that it helped me reinstate my long lost confidence with each practice test, Group Discussion, mock interview and various engaging group activities before the actual exam. He, as a mentor has both been a guide and a counsellor who can clearly see through each and every student and distinctly knows and works equally on both their weaknesses and strengths.