I always wondered why the place is called BACKSPACE. It was during the making of the 'BacksAdios' video that I understood the true meaning of the name and how Backspace has transformed everyone's lives. Truly, Backspace is magical.

When I joined Backspace, I was a little skeptical about the place. But the first day at Backspace completely changed my mind. Classes in Backspace mean exhaustive learning interspersed with loads of fun and yummy treats! My journey with Backspace has been amazing! I will never forget those weekend sessions, which ensured that everyone participated.

With wonderful speakers around the sessions were such wonderful experiences! And of course the rigorous interviews by Partha which ensured that one never faces any difficulty in handling any institute's interview however tough it might be. Thanks you Backspace, thank you Partha. It is because of him I have converted my calls and on my way to become one of the IIMites!


Thank you Partha for changing my life forever. Enrolling for his PDP program was perhaps the best decision of my life. When I met him in 2013, I was confused and directionless. And what transformation he brought in me! It's all because of his relentless efforts and dedication towards developing his mentees, like me. It's because of him I could fulfil my dream of doing my MBA from an IIM.