I found him extremely arrogant in the beginning but later realized it was the opposite actually. He is really good in transforming people’s mindset.
FMCG Firm, India
Now, I know how to think different, like that fruit. You know.
Technology Firm, United States
I have learnt how to see the beauty inside me.
My entire family is mentored by him. PPD doesn’t use any framework. Just talks. The magic is in his conversations.
Management Consulting Firm, India
From a depressed and lost gay man who wanted to commit suicide I reached Booth School only because of you. Thanks for spending sleepless nights pulling me out of the dark.
Management Consultant, United States
He not only knows the strengths and weaknesses of each mentee personally but also advises them accordingly. He can even recognize the handwriting of each of his minions. When I finally improved to some level after attending several sessions, I met with an accident, which forced me to leave for home in Bhubaneswar. Even then, he did not give up on me and a few days later I found myself appearing for telephonic sessions with him. That is the level of attention I am talking about. Partha never goes easy on his minions and keeps them on their edge.
'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.' - William Butler Yeats.

It takes a special person to light that fire in us, to raise our expectations and never give up on us, no matter how challenging it might be. When one reaches great heights, one knows that at some point in time there was a special person. Untiring, unrelenting and unfettered, this man not only explains things so well that mentees understand but also get the mentees to explain things well enough so that they can be understood. I do not know why but maybe one should experience the journey first hand to realize. However, the thing that amazed me the most was the creativity with which PPD accomplishes even trivial tasks. Right from the nomenclature of the various sessions for PDP to the various real time activities, all seemed so unique and refreshing. I was merely imbibing unconsciously.
I met Partha and I liked him immediately, not for the immensely gifted person that he is (I got to know about that gradually), but for his unassuming and friendly demeanor. I started with the PDP sessions and they were a real eye opener. I realized the competition was actually even fiercer than what I had thought at first and I had a lot of catching up to do. Being in a job which was extremely taxing, involved a lot of travelling and gave me very little time of my own, I found it difficult to prepare properly and even attending the PDP sessions regularly was not always possible for me. When I used to be out of station or too busy to attend sessions, I would receive regular updates and tips from Partha over the telephone. This aspect where you realize your mentor is just as worried as you are is what sets it apart. The personal touches, the little pats on the back and the subtle nudges in the right direction really go a long way in making an individual feel that he can make it.
There always is a gap between what we think about ourselves and how others perceive us. Mine was a case where I did not use to think high of myself. Even if I was good at something, I used to be under confident of my skills. But then I joined PDP sessions and like a magic these sessions backspaced my under-confidence and allowed me to rediscover myself with the help of various creative sessions. I never knew that I can perform well in a team or I can wander on the streets of Kolkata for a creative task. Most importantly, I learned to give words to my thoughts. PPD knows how to bring a person out of his/her shell and will make you do things, which you always hesitated to do. The sessions impart confidence, improve your delivery style and bring out the creativity hidden within you. PPD effaced that gap by letting me know of my strengths and showing confidence in me.
Since my pre-final year, I have been hearing from my friends and seniors about a certain IIM-A alumnus named 'Partha', who seemed to have the 'Midas' touch in transforming people. I used to be in awe of him but at the same time was skeptical about how a person can bring about a transformation in a matter of a few days. Nonetheless, I was determined that whenever any sort of opportunity would come, I would try to imbibe something from him and there waited for me an experience of a lifetime.

When I made a call to him, before resigning from Jamnagar and coming to Kolkata, the only words that soothed me amidst all my worries was 'Don't worry'. When I attended my first session, I was taken aback a bit as he didn't even give me the answers I didn't know. Later, with time, I realised that my efforts in finding those unknown answers were slowly increasing my knowledge beyond my imagination and he wanted to do just that. The little habits of mine, those he changed, definitely impacted tremendously. I won't say that I am a completely changed person now, but definitely Partha has done a lot to add dimensions to my personality and knowledge. I will be always indebted to him for his contribution to my life and will hope that he will serve as a mentor for me throughout my life.
Rarely have I come across a mentor like Partha, who in his inimitable style makes you believe in yourself and helps you to turn your dreams into reality. Partha made us do things that none of us ever thought we could. He made us stretch our limits, challenge our notions and taught us to perceive the world differently. Armed with the rare combination of army-like strictness and fatherly warmth, Partha ensured that all his proteges turned their weaknesses into a host of enviable strengths after the end of the 2 most glorious months. Partha made me push myself to Backspace my diffidence and helped me to come out as a new person. I wish I could inspire and encourage the way he does.
Now, out of the innumerable things that Backspace taught me, here are some that I would share:
1. Limitations of time and energy are designed to beat chewing-gums as far as stretchability is concerned. PPD proves it every day and as Backspacians, the excuse of lack of bandwidth cannot legitimately belong to any of our speech and thought.
2. An IIM grad does not need to chase money like it's oxygen for survival. Chasing money is far too ordinary anyway. Instead, truly divine is following one's passion. My faith in the best b-school of this country stands unshaken as I know for a fact that it does not manufacture single-focussedly-money-minded alumni.
3. There are creative ways of doing anything and everything. Had I not been a part of PPD's sessions, I would have never believed that teaching and mentoring had scope for so much path-breaking innovation.
4. It is possible to stay humble when even audited reports can confirm that you belong to a league of select extra-ordinary individuals.
5. Conventionalist populace has got this horribly wrong: Screaming is not a motivational tool. I clearly cannot recall PPD ever screaming to make us do what we needed to do. Needless to point: At Backspace, creativity is a way of life.
6. Forgiving is cool, revenge is not. Learning this from PPD was easy but practicing is a lot harder than it seems.
7. It is perfectly okay to do good for people, even if there is little chance of a repayment, or worse, there exist some thankless jerks who would not even value what is done for them. PPD makes goodwill look good in times where it is fast-fading.
8. Bad spellings and bad grammar are an eyesore. As a Backspacian, I cannot anymore get comfortable with any of them. Speaking and writing responsibly has got to be Backspacians' trademark trait.
9. Now, the last point on my abridged list: Apple suits PPD more than it suits anyone else. None of Apple products ever crash and neither does PPD. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of 'Thank you'. It sounds like the end of a transaction, like a concluding note and my association with Backspace cannot conclude. Although I would hate to carry the unspoken 'thank you' with me, I would hate it even more to wind up the most amazing experience of my life. Briefly put, there are very few people I do not want to ever lose touch with and forever be just a call/ ping/ sms/ mail away. I hope I am allowed to grow with Backspace, contribute and be a part of its adventures that come along. PPD is the awesomest person I ever came in contact with.
Smriti Singh
As I write these lines, there is a smile on my face. This smile reminds me of the beautiful memories. A journey so complete in itself, it promises a positive transformation within oneself, rather breaks the chains with which we've held ourselves over time and brings out the best in us. PPD plays the role of a great leader Jambavant who motivates Hanuman to realize his true potential and continues to push him towards his goals. I still remember my first day where the warm gestures of the family would make me feel it was home. Sometimes I'd find myself lonely traveling 5 hours from Durgapur to attend the sessions but down the line I knew it was all worth it! His personal attention, his ability to understand me, his flexibility and determination would sometimes give me goose bumps and inspire me to work harder; I now understand it wasn't an overnight transformation. PPD was my mentor who held my hands at every hurdle, provided me answers to the faintest of my doubts and at times also scolded me. I have love, admiration and respect for the man who single-handedly molds dreams into realities year after year, yet shies away from taking any credit. Supported by genuine hardworking talents, this living legend is undoubtedly an idol for many. The connection is more bounded by hearts than on a professional level, which makes it a family pledging to stay connected throughout life.
I do not hesitate to say that I have seen very few persons as industrious and dedicated as Partha. His life revolves around mentees and he leaves no stones unturned to help them. His unique mentoring style and creativity leave an indelible mark on all his mentees, and I am no exception. He grooms the entire personality of his mentees and cares for each one of them. He has been a constant guiding force, and motivated me throughout. I will treasure the transformation I have had here for my entire life.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."The help from Partha is not just limited to the things we need to do but even help with how we need to do it. He stood like a shadow behind me, never allowing me to fall, always supporting me and kept motivating me. Even in the darkest of times his smile was all I needed to be reassured that "I am worth it!". I remember reading something from Robin Sharma, which was on the lines of gaining back our connection with our childhood when we were natural. This is a place where the mentees undertake that journey to become natural and spot their USPs to cash on them and all of this is done in a controlled environment monitored constantly by Partha. I wish you all the success. Partha for I know that you are the only person who can change the mindset with which people take interviews and can explore their very depths to find that hidden pearl which is special to each one. I would love to be of any help to you anytime.
Partha's unique way of mentoring has awakened the warrior inside me. I enjoyed the blend of discipline and fun, and realized the meaning of "work hard and party harder". Partha, the one-man army, loves like a father, punishes like a marshal, and makes fun like a true friend. If you aspire high, then this is the workshop to backspace your fear, to break your cowardly bones, and to re-energize your willpower.
You will be grilled, intimidated and your personality shattered, only to be rebuilt again in the best possible manner. The most unique thing is that it gives you much more than you expected. Throughout those weeks you will go through new experiences which will contribute to your growth story in unexpected ways. You will understand the importance of discipline and good communication and gradually develop these skills. You might just end up re-thinking about your career goals. You are sure to receive a few reality checks and you learn to look at the stars with your feet firmly planted in the ground. It was an enriching experience.
Partha has transformed me from a person who could hardly express his ideas to a person who can speak in public context with confidence and clarity. The kind of individual attention Partha provides to each mentee is also unparalleled. Thank you may be very small to express my gratitude. But still, thank you Partha for believing in me, for motivating me and for guiding me.
My first day started with, not an introduction but a case study. Unique, simple and effective, that was my first session. People say office aesthetic does not matter but it does, we often fail to realize it. The bright sunlight pouring through the massive windows, the beige interiors with pictures of staff members, the small details like branding every tangible product, look and feel of the furniture, et cetera (the list goes on though) brings out the scholars in most of us. And then there is the PPD. He is a brand, sculpted with the finest of precision. He does not believe in trivial lecturing, rather he leads by example. Partha sir made many of us cry during those ruthless stress sessions.
I had heard about the wonders from some of my good friends who had been mentees here earlier and thus had no doubts about the value proposition. But hearing about something and experiencing it first hand is like chalk and cheese. If there's one thing which PPD has done for me is to instill within me the confidence to believe in myself, having quit my job half a year back and then having unsuccessfully tried my hand at my own venture. I still remember the day I met Partha sir for the first time and shared my disappointments, concerns and goals. And there had been no looking back since then. Every episode, with its themes, discussions and activities, had its own takeaways and I always returned home with food for thought.
Yes, Partha Sir is a Life Designer. He has this genuine quest in him to help others. This makes him even more empathetic and he can relate to the person almost instantaneously. He finds his happiness in the happiness of others I feel. Partha Sir and I had a close talk as part of one of the assignments. To my amazement, he was able to catch the nerve of all my problems. That thing is very strong in me. I used to assume some other things as my weaknesses, but he was right in guiding me that those would be my strengths.

Partha Sir guided me on a lot of other core issues and was always there to show me the right path. He also gave me confidence that I can achieve things and should not underestimate myself.

He emphasized a lot on having empathy and focus on learning. I always remain conscious of keeping these crucial and useful values deep ingrained in me.

To conclude, I would say that Partha Sir is a different person. He is one of the most genuine, kindest, selfless, inspiring and helping persons. He is like ‘Chanakya’, one of the greatest mentors of all times. I am glad to have crossed paths with him. In the rushed life of B-school I have acquired the herd mentality to some extent. But writing this reminds me of him and the lessons he taught me and those inspire me again to be fearless, curious and ambitious again.
It has been a life changing experience. I have learnt to think in ways I never could. I can also see the multiple sides of various problems. This course has also imbibed several key human virtues such as empathy, compassion, forgiveness. I loved the teaching pedagogy of Partha Sir. All lessons were taught with practical experience. I wish it lasted longer but anyways a lot has been learnt and ultimately the bird's got to leave the nest. The world offers very few life changing experiences and this was surely one of them.
I am pleasantly surprised by the way networking has worked in my life. None did I know about the relationship that was about to nurture when I met Mr. Partha PD for the first time in 2016 at one of the events in Kolkata. During that time, I was going through a phase wherein I was perplexed with the competing expectations of self, my family members, my friends and my profession. I was keeping hard to analyze and channelize my time, energy and emotions. I had been looking for someone to guide me in my life. That is when the Life Designer program came to my rescue. Mr. Partha PD analyzed my daily routine, my expectations, my aspirations, my emotions and my behaviour. He gave me specific questions and tasks that helped me understand myself and the world better. I developed habits that helped me channelize my energy, time and emotions in the right direction in a sustainable manner. I understand myself a lot better after the program, an aspect that has helped me crack the B-School Interviews this year. I am going to be a part of ISB Co’21, a dream come true. The program shaped my understanding of Empathy and Compassion. I learnt to be kind towards self and others, that helps me control my emotions, that in turn helps me in building and maintaining healthy relations.
A mentor helps you work on yourself and leads you towards self-development. I would like to share my experience of how this happened for me.

Since the past few months, my life has experienced a lot of changes; as a person I have been affected a lot by them. As I started my journey of B-School, I was this scared, nervous kid. Every little thing affected me so much, as if it were the end of the world. Sometimes I felt it was the environment which was such but then I realized that actually these were my inner weaknesses and insecurities which were calling out to me; drowning me with them. Slowly, I became familiar with my flaws and started accepting them. It happened not so easily though. Sir, who was there with me through all these phases listened to me intently while I would express all my emotions, even the darkest ones in front of him. He adopted different approaches with me. Earlier the softer one when he would explain to me with a lot of patience but that didn’t quite work. My problems were deeper. I was used to letting my emotions take over me all the time. Sir, then started calling me out for these things, he made me come across with the much more deep and difficult problems others face. He made me realize that I was being so absorbed in my own little problems that I stopped seeing there are bigger worries in the world and that I should be grateful for what I have and what I am.

He made me come across my flaws, and as I did, I wanted to fix them immediately. Again, I headed on a wrong path by hoping for quick fixes. Doing so only made me sad and felt bad about myself. Sir understood what I was doing and this time he made me see how beautiful I was a person. Made me believe in myself by showing his belief in me. He wanted me to be able to love myself, the way I love the ones who are close to my heart. He wanted me to be kind and forgiving towards myself the way I was towards people I loved. I was learning, but not with the dedication and discipline he wanted. I would seek out him when I needed help but what he wanted was a more disciplined approach, he made me aware of that and left me for good. Initially I felt I had lost a big support. I was sad too. But there was nothing I could do. Sir is very particular when it comes to discipline, so I decided to work on myself by myself by putting into practice all those Sir had taught. Slowly, those feelings which made me weak faded, I started feeling strong and motivated.

Well, that was the turning point I would say. During all this I successfully achieved all the goals I had set for myself and many I didn’t even think for myself. But as I look back it was not the accomplishment of these tangible goals that make me happy but how I evolved as a person through all this. I feel confident and in love with myself. I am less scared now and that’s why I am able to bare my heart and share what I have shared, my truest experiences.

Still there is a long way for me, but I know I can make myself even better. And Sir, he is there with me, probably not in the earlier way but as a good friend who I can reach out to at any time, who cares to know about me from time to time. I feel lucky for having met him and for having experienced all this. It has made me appreciate myself, love myself and work on myself and become a better person.
Partha PD's mentorship helped me get to know the real 'me'. It helped me break free the boundaries I unconsciously set for myself. I will particularly remember the conversations and the unorthodox assignments that exposed me to interesting perspectives about so many things. Ultimately, my goals became his goals and he helped me achieve those goals, standing by my side when times get hard. Now, there is not a single day that goes by when the things I learned don't help me overcome the daily struggles.