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He chose me how to leverage my strengths and work on weaknesses. He became a friend, philosopher and guide. He has this uncanny ability to read you and then guide you in your journey. Not only me but many of us believe that had we met Partha before in our lives, the transitions wouldn’t have been that troublesome. In short he is that life designer.

Partha has transformed me from a person who could hardly express his ideas to a person who can speak in public context with confidence and clarity. The kind of individual attention Partha provides to each mentee is also unparalleled.

There was underconfidence within me that I struggled with. I was told that I could win the world with the right amount of confidence.

Those sessions had been a life-changing experience. It helped me to be a better person. The sessions with the team helped me immensely in the interviews.

Now when I look back to how he guided me through the entire process I feel blessed to have a mentor like him because he not only helped me in with the practical aspects of MBA interviews but also, I was able to discover myself… 

Each class, each session, each interview was so well thought out, and well executed and so different. It was not about cracking interviews. It was about preparing for the b-school life, preparing to be a leader, learning to grow, being a better person and I think the reason he could teach us so well was because he was not faking any of it.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself and help bring it out of you”. And I found my Mentor in Partha Sir.

There were many things which I considered run of the mill, but Partha’s perspective helped me understand their importance. This was way too important in my case as I was really short of time for a couple of my applications.

It takes a special person to light that fire in us, to raise our expectations and never give up on us, no matter how challenging it might be. Untiring, unrelenting and unfettered….

The little habits of mine, those he changed, definitely impacted tremendously. I will be always indebted to him for his contribution to my life and will hope that he will serve as a mentor for me throughout my life.

Technology Firm, United States

Now, I know how to think different, like that fruit. You know.​


I have learnt how to see the beauty inside me.

Though my only objective was to convert the calls that I had, the process that I went through at Breakspace not only helped me achieve that, but it was also a transformative experience for me personally.

PPD sir is as expected awesome. Sir has an eye for detail and perfection and there is always so much to learn from him.

“Here you learn not only to understand others, but also to make others understand what you desire to express and that with efficacy. With every successive session, improved communication skill is merely one of the several key takeaways.

Today, I sit back and think about the clincher for me that fateful day. Surely, it has to be that person you respect, that tells you, ‘Yes you CAN’. For the bouncing back alone, I owe it to PPD.

I went from being that individual who was always underconfident , to a focused and determined individual with a sense of belief about everything in my life.

PPD Sir is very stringent about punctuality, be it about arriving to class on time, or submitting assignments on time. Personality development was given as much importance as learning development. Discipline was given the utmost importance.

The interactive classroom sessions, personalized attention, group tasks and the valuable lessons by Partha Sir brings out the best in you. The sessions are not only about GD, WAT or life @B-school but a different way to look into life.

I would suggest people to join Breakspace because it not only helps you prepare for interviews but it’s an experience which you can cherish for lifetime.

I can safely say that now I’m a much better version than I was when I had joined, from a nervous, tongue-tied person to a confident individual, with better structured thoughts.

It is a session that improves you as a person both in your soft skills as well as character traits. Once this is taken care of, the rest already gets to place.

He made me believe in my capabilities and to be confident in whatever I do. The interactive sessions with sir helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses. It also helped me overcome my fear of public speaking.

The mentors assisted even on a personal upfront in order get rid of the pessimistic attitude which I once developed. It’s more about the lessons you take away from this journey which are enriching.

I would like to thank Sir for his interviews, which gave me a glimpse into how one can think differently and use that as an advantage. I would also like to thank Sir for having rules and being serious about them, which helped me inculcate a sense of punctuality.

The program also helped me to know my shortcomings and gave me the opportunities to correct them myself.

Within just quite a few interactions, and that too online, he has the ability to capture your personality which sometimes even we are not remotely aware of.

One thing is for sure, you might convert your interview calls or not, but you will for sure emerge as a better individual on the other side of this program.

The Breakspace team really stood by me in this respect, and helped me to present myself more confidently. This surely made the difference between rejection and selection.

The personal attention paid to the students background and his intangible personality is unparalleled and is the only one of it’s kind in the industry.

Backspace helped me come out of my shell and boosted my confidence in a manner in which nothing else could. It helped me in improving many aspects of my personality.

His ability to understand a person’s mind and help him/her to introspect, actually goes a long long way. This makes the individual ready to tackle any stressful situation in an interview.

The personal mentoring which I received here is highly professional and amazing. From the mock interviews and discussions, they highlight so subtle things which even your best of friends can’t find.

The mentors were always available and approachable. Moreover, they have a human touch that ‘mentors’ these days don’t seem to have.

I personally can see the difference in each of us in a Before/After contrast after going through the sessions at Backspace. Backspace is not simply a GDPI preparation Institute, but it is a personality development program in the truest sense.

Partha Sir was less a mentor and more of an elder brother to me, always willing to address any queries or tackle any apprehensions, putting all of us before himself.

It has initiated a long series of big and small changes in me which I am sure to experience over due course of time. Thank you Breakspace for taking the extra mile and making me a more positive and confident person.

Apart from the full-fledged guidance for acing the GDPI stage, Backspace taught me a lot more about life, about the importance of values, about the impact of unforeseen externalities which ultimately helped me to come out as a more matured individual.

Their personal guidance and constant support are not just restricted to your course, they will help you develop a better thought process and eventually into a better individual. You will feel the positive vibes on interacting with them.

He provided the much-needed motivation and guided me on how to approach an interview. He taught me how important it is to be disciplined, no matter whatever you do.

Exceeding expectations is yet another attribute of an exceptional leader. Our focus was not bounded to our views but ranged farther than we thought.

He knows when you are sad, worried or stressed out. He can read your expressions and will give all his resources to make you comfortable and at ease. The personal touch given to each student actually helps you to come out of your comfort zone.

He knows how to bring the best out of anyone. Mock PIs were rigorous which prepared me in such a way that I never face any difficulty in handling any institute’s interview however tough it might be.

With the countless knowledge sessions and the extensive interviews, we could feel our transformation taking place. He is one of the few people, who not only told us that, we can all achieve our targets, but also showed us , how to do it.


The interactive sessions with Sir made me discover my strengths and weaknesses. His unbiased feedback encouraged me to work upon my flaws and helped me emerge as a much more confident and organised person.

The thing that really stands out in the program is the mentorship of PPD sir. One could really transform one’s personality by imbibing the wonderful traits displayed by him. This is a place where one might very well rediscover oneself.

Not only did I find a mentor in Partha sir, I also discovered new aspects of myself. I learnt what I did mattered less than how I did it. The group discussions, jam and various other activities made we aware of real-life problems and helped me learn how to the find their solutions.

I sincerely believe that this is precisely the reason why ‘Backspace’ will continue enriching lives of numerous students and, one day, attain never-reached-before heights.

Partha Sir will work with every guy relentlessly to bring the best out of him/her and he will create an atmosphere that will help you give your best. Believe me you will find very few people who are as passionate and as creative as Partha.

At times I was just moved by how much faith Partha sir had in us and it was those times that gave me confidence in myself. I have found that he is not just a teacher but also a mentor for life.

He stood like a shadow behind me, never allowing me to fall, always supporting me and kept motivating me.

It was an experience I shall cherish for a lifetime. It helped me transform into a more aware and conditioned person for the future. And its innovative ways kept me engrossed and motivated me to improve myself and standup to the competition.

Only a properly structured approach with in-depth preparation of as esoteric subjects as one can imagine can help one reap the benefit of years of hard-work and struggle.

PPD would always say, ‘Communication is not something to impress but to express. You don’t need to control your way of speaking; you need to unleash it and I am here not to make you a good communicator but a better human being’.

Thank you Partha Sir, for your insights and perspectives and tips about every group/case discussion we had. The classes were so captivating, that one won’t even feel like missing a single class.

The entire journey from the calls to the results and beyond was expertly guided by team Breakspace and I’m extraordinarily grateful for everything I’ve got from this programme.

PPD knows how to bring a person out of his/her shell and will make you do things, which you always hesitated to do. The sessions impart confidence, improve your delivery style and bring out the creativity hidden within you. 

Slowly he helped me acknowledge the emotions that had been overwhelming me and the underlying reasons of those emotions. I did lots of tasks, as per his instructions, that made me calm and focused.

The personal touches, the little pats on the back and the subtle nudges in the right direction really go a long way in making an individual feel that he can make it.

You will be grilled, intimidated and your personality shattered, only to be rebuilt again in the best possible manner.

FMCG Firm, India

I found him extremely arrogant in the beginning but later realized it was the opposite actually. He is really good in transforming people’s mindset.

Rarely have I come across a mentor like Partha, who in his inimitable style makes you believe in yourself and helps you to turn your dreams into reality…

As I look back it was not the accomplishment of these tangible goals that make me happy but how I evolved as a person through all this…

Management Consultant
United States

From a depressed and lost gay man who wanted to commit suicide I reached Booth School only because of you. Thanks for spending sleepless nights pulling me out of the dark.

Management Consulting Firm, India

My entire family is mentored by him. PPD doesn’t use any framework. Just talks. The magic is in his conversations.

If you aspire high, then this is the workshop to backspace your fear, to break your cowardly bones, and to re-energize your willpower.

He is a genius and knows each and every student of his in-depth. From discipline to punctuality to integrity, Partha sir epitomizes all these adjectives. What really amazed me was that he was always ready to help you with the quickest of replies even over mails and social media.

He knows the strength and weakness of each student personally and advises them accordingly. His dedication, creativity and above all humility make him the perfect mentor that he is.

Partha PD is an institution in himself. He forces one to think through and introspect oneself by indulging in multiple interesting activities and games.

With an uncanny ability to understand one’s psyche, Partha Sir peels off the symptoms to get to the core of the problems and helps one go through a journey of self realization on our way to achieving our goals.

My experience with the life designer Partha PD has been one of the most reformative experiences I have had throughout my life. He has been a mentor, a teacher, a listener and most importantly a believer in the goodness that resides in everyone who’s lives he touches.

…There is not a single day that goes by when the things I learned don’t help me overcome the daily struggles.

I have love, admiration and respect for the man who single-handedly molds dreams into realities year after year, yet shies away from taking any credit.

Having quit my job half a year back and then having unsuccessfully tried my hand at my own venture. I still remember the day I met Partha sir for the first time and shared my disappointments, concerns and goals. And there had been no looking back since then…

He has this genuine quest in him to help others. This makes him even more empathetic and he can relate to the person almost instantaneously. He finds his happiness in the happiness of others…

It has been a life changing experience. I have learnt to think in ways I never could…I wish it lasted longer but anyways a lot has been learnt and ultimately the bird’s got to leave the nest.

The bright sunlight pouring through the massive windows, the beige interiors with pictures of staff members, the small details like branding every tangible product, look and feel of the furniture, et cetera (the list goes on though) brings out the scholars in most of us. And then there is the PPD. He is a brand, sculpted with the finest of precision. He does not believe in trivial lecturing, rather he leads by example. 

Mr. Partha PD analyzed my daily routine, my expectations, my aspirations, my emotions and my behaviour. He gave me specific questions and tasks that helped me understand myself and the world better. I developed habits that helped me channelize my energy, time and emotions in the right direction in a sustainable manner.

I met with an accident, which forced me to leave for home in Bhubaneswar. Even then, he did not give up on me and a few days later I found myself appearing for telephonic sessions with him. That is the level of attention I am talking about.

With wonderful speakers around the sessions were such wonderful experiences! And of course the rigorous interviews by Partha which ensured that one never faces any difficulty in handling any institute’s interview however tough it might be.

The focus of the program is to improve you as a person, to make you become a self aware individual, to help you become more confident and in this process help you deal with your interviews as well.

I can confidently say that had it not been for Breakspace, I would have been struggling in actual interviews. I would like to thank PPD sir and team for all their efforts in shaping me and bringing out the best version of myself.

My overall experience at Breakspace was fantastic! The sheer difference in my perspective towards situations, concepts, questions and many more things is a testament in itself to the dedication and diligence of the mentors at Breakspace.

I was very skeptical if I should Breakspace since I lived in Pune and the only option was to have the interviews conducted online. But, barring a few hiccups, the interview process was good. The best thing is that there is no upper limit on the number of interviews and this helps you refine your answers before your actual interview. It helped me plug in the gaps in my GD-PI preparation.

Backspace’s GDPI programme helped me break down my inhibitions and forced me to introspect. It gave me a huge amount of clarity as to why I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Of course, the GD and PI prep was excellent, with some much needed direction for the kind of prep I needed to do better at my interviews. However, the biggest value addition I obtained out of it was the ability to think clearly and be a little less wary of everything around me.

I joined online course of breakspace as after CAT I was confused as how to prepare for GDPI /WAT effectively (being working professional I used to get very less time) so after consulting with few friends I joined breakspace. The weekend classes absorbed almost all the things needed with weekly essays which had a very descriptive and specific OFIs and most importantly interviews which really boosted my confidence.

Tanay Shah

I enrolled myself in the online mentorship program of Breakspace offered for PI/WAT/GD preparation. The mentorship and guidance offered by Partha sir and his team was invaluable. They were meticulous in the way they conducted interviews and shared feedback. All in all, Breakspace has transformed into a more confident individual and taught me important lessons.

Shounak Bhadra

Most people prefer to stay within a cocoon and as a result have a lot of issue conversing with others. The program in Breakspace is amazing because it not only offers unlimitedmock interviews but also helps to develop communication skill sets. This really helped me in clearing the interviews of the most coveted B-schools in the country. Cheers!

Siddharth Barua

I joined with the aim of improving my GD/PI experience, but personally the experience has been much more enriching. With fun filled, well designed activities and interviews which covered every inch of knowledge we were supposed to know , helped us put our biases aside and made us think out of the box. The awesome mentors and the amazing peers in the batch have helped me grow into a better version of me.

For extraordinary results – preparation, mentors, methodologies and support need to be extraordinary. Breakspace was where I was able to get all of the above. I was an online student for the year 2018-19, and initially, I was having reservations whether it would be helpful for me. But all the mentors were very supportive at every point of time. So, I highly recommend joining Breakspace for converting your dream call.

I was a student at Breakspace for the session 2018-19. I would like to say that the mentors here – Partha Sir and his team make you feel at ease and give you the utmost confidence required to ‘Break open a space’ in your dream B-School. All in all if you want to succeed in your b-school interview and get an experience of what a real b-school interview is like without actually facing one, Breakspace is the place to be.

Right from providing me with materials to prepare from, to relentlessly taking interviews for me day in day out, the hardworking workforce of Breakspace has made my dream come true. It wasn’t just the professional support they provided for preparation, but the emotional 24*7 support as well, to keep my mind healthy. The kind of personalised attention I received and the approachability of the individuals helped me sail through my dark days with ease. I would like to sincerely thank the team for providing me the ideal platform to shine and soar.

My experience with Breakspace has been phenomenal. I never would have had the confidence to crack an IIM interview if it hadn’t been for the continuous interviews that I had given at Breakspace. The questions they ask during the mock interviews are well researched. Special thanks to the team for preparing me to face the interviews. It was an absolute delight to face the mock interviews and the feedbacks really helped.

The one year long journey at Backspace nourished me not just academically but also as a kind spirited soul. All thanks to my great mentors. They instilled the confidence in me at every step of my journey, that I will achieve my goals, even on days when I didn’t believed myself. So, undoubtedly the best way to get guided under one on one mentorship is only available at Backspace Consulting.

I had a myriad of interviews for various B-Schools from the breakspace team. They not only helped me to overcome my fear but also helped me to understand my strengths and weakness. I never felt like I was giving an interview in my B-School interview’s, thanks to Breakspace. I owe a lot to faculties of Breakspace for their untiring efforts. Now I am super excited to see how PPC course is going to shape me better.

Though I had pretty decent calls but one thing where I was lacking was in the preparation for the interview. The dedicated faculty members helped in realising so many things that I was not aware of. And in many of the actual interviews, more than 80% of the questions asked was similar to those asked in mocks. I would like to thank Backspace team for their dedication in our preparation and weekend classes which were so helpful in the development. In all I can say I enjoyed the learning.

Undoubted the best experience. Apart from the teaching and gd/pi here you will grow as a better individual and your perspective to things might change, the individual attention you get here will definitely surprise you.This makes backspace truly the best out of the rest. Thank you Partha PD sir and team for always guiding me.

With a lower border mark of 99.65 in CAT I got through IIM C. Success is two folds:- Backspace and Self-preparation. Backspace helps one prepare for the self-preparation part too. The pedagogy and interview line-up are the inner and outer crux. It is upon one to grab the best out of the process. This is the place if you wish to convert a call!

For me, Breakspace was a very important factor in converting my interviews. Many aspirants might not realise it but mock interviews can have a big impact not only on the direction of preparation but also on the intensity of the preparation. Besides this, the team at Breakspace is approachable and available for interviews everyday. All in all, it was a very good experience for me.

The journey with Breakspace has been phenomenal. From getting numerous feedbacks in mock interviews to changing perspective on things and life, the sessions have helped me to come out of my comfort cocoon and realising that I can do it too. From converting calls with borderline scores to getting compliments from the panelists on my GD performance, it helped me realise my own potential and making me confident about the challenges that lies ahead.

After my first session, I felt like a different person because certain hard hitting realisations stuck. Since then, every class has only made me a better person. They have guided me on every step with the most practical decision.I have never had mentors who would invest so much time in a student to help him/her develop both personally and professionally. I am more confident now than I was and a big credit goes to Breakspace for having such sought after mentors one can ever come across. Thank you!

It’s really great how they used to guide us and those feedbacks by sir after every mock interview had really helped me a lot, I realise where are my flaws and I improved after working on it. Even those weekly sessions conducted by Partha sir was totally amazing, Every session we used to learn new thing. I had become comfortable to mix with people and even learnt how to express myself. Thank you so much Partha sir for those valuable lessons in every session you used to share with us.

As someone who is not very familiar with English-medium communication, I was a bit skeptical about my chances when I received calls from the top B-Schools. I believe the no cap in the number of interviews is the X-Factor of Breakspace and that allowed me to pre-empt most of the prospective questions and to get a taste of all flavours of interviews, from the super-friendly ones to the hard-grilling ones. I would like to sincerely thank Breakspace team for guiding me through this preparation journey.

Breakspace has played a vital role behind my 100% conversion rate in the WAT-PI rounds for admission to the IIMs. Being a working professional, the flexible time slots for mock interviews helped a lot. The fine blend of behavioral, profile-based and stress interviews allowed me to focus on all three areas. Regularly graded WAT assignments helped getting acquainted with writing on various topics. Apart from these, the weekend sessions of case studies, group discussions & personality development activities were very helpful.

I can say this with a lot of conviction that Breakspace is much different than what any other coaching institute has to offer. The unique pedagogy and the platform given to interact with your peers is worth a mention. The classroom sessions and mock interviews helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and carry the right attitude in my interviews. I thank the entire team of Breakspace for not just helping me secure an admission from one of the most coveted institutes in India, but also for making me a better individual.

Being a working professional, I wasn’t too sure how to prepare efficiently for converting the interview calls I had secured. The mentors at Breakspace strive to ensure that every candidate is well-prepared. The amount of personal attention provided was unparalleled. Partha Sir and the team has to be one of the best lots of teachers/coaches I have come across. I can safely conclude that irrespective of one’s final results, (s)he shall come out at a brighter individual.

Breakspace helped me with not just the practice but gave me a new perspective to view myself with and this I feel is the greatest value that Breakspace has added to my life. It began with a creation of a baseline of my level of preparation and confidence. Every mock interview acted as a feedback mechanism for my next mock interview, helping me build on strengths and smoothen out the rough edges. By the time I gave my actual interviews, I could say that I was much more confident about speaking about myself that I ever was before. I owe a major part of my admission to one of India’s premier B-schools to the personalized attention given by Partha Sir and his team.

I had 1-to-1 online interviews and live interaction sessions scheduled with various mentors almost every other day. The feedback given by the mentors helped me in getting better with each interview. Partha Sir kept everyone busy on the Facebook group with various tasks and, also shared all the important subject material pertaining to graduation subjects and, also for all the specializations in the BSchools which would come handy in the future as well. The transcripts of the interviews shared by fellow students made it sure that no stone remains unturned in the preparation. I would like to continue my journey with Backspace even while in B School and beyond.

I came to know about Backspace from my college seniors who are currently in top B- schools. We had classes on every weekend which was taken by Partha Sir, someone I really look up to. Every single aspect was taken care of. Starting from body language, way of speaking, the GDs and the best part every single trick worked in the real GDs which helped me in converting the calls. What was great that in every class , it seemed like a real scenario. So the actual ones were like a cake walk. The topics that were carefully handpicked by Sir, had great correlation with the actual ones. It seemed that I matured much in the process. I would highly recommend Backspace ~ one stop solution for Pre B-school prep! ~ I can vouch for that.

Prakash Jain

One of my friend introduced me to Breakspace, a platform which helped them immensely in bridging the gap between excellent CAT score and converting to dream B-School. I got 99.65%ile in CAT 2018. I was aware of a few of the calls that I was sure to get. I decided to sign up for Breakspace the very instant. The weekend sessions by Mr. Partha helped me. From organizing mock group discussions to making me practice Writing Ability Tests (WATs) on a diverse array of topics, he prepared me for the worst of cases and brought out the best in me. Excellent feedback mechanism and 24*7 availability of mentors was a cherry on top of the cake. Thank you, Breakspace.

I was an online student at Breakspace. I joined to prepare myself for GD/PI processes of various B-Schools. The personal attention provided by Breakspace was beyond my expectations. The mock interviews conducted by Breakspace team helped me present the best version of myself in the actual interview. The knowledge sessions imparted by Partha PD sir in the form of weekend classes transformed my thought processes and widened my perspective on a lot of general topics and I am sure lessons absorbed in those sessions will continue to benefit me in future too. Immense respect for Partha PD sir for always cooperating with us for taking interviews at odd hours. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

Joining Breakspace, has been one of the most sensible decisions I have taken in life. The journey at Breakspace has been nothing short of magical. All the people involved helped me evolve as a person. The programme is designed in a wonderful way to make you the best version of yourself. It makes you go through an amazing and humbling experience which is much needed to perform well in the interviews and GDs. The sessions taken by Partha sir over the weekend, the online discussions and the mock interviews taken every week by all the mentors involved went a long way in enabling me to be capable enough of cracking the B-School interviews.

Just like a cup of freshly brewed cup of Starbucks coffee with perfect thickness of latte spread over it lifts your mood, Breakspace provides you with that experience in a mortal world in a different sphere altogether. It’s indeed “breaking the space” in its arena and genuinely stands apart from others in the league. The knowledge sessions provides you key insights of the road ahead and one could use it to chisel one’s characteristic traits. Round the clock assistance is another plus. Moreover, you get the rich advantage of peer to peer learning while interacting with the smartest brains of India. You get simulated interviews where you might get totally shattered only to come back in a much better form. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Breakspace will definitely give you more than you expect- preparing yourself for the battles ahead. Once you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person ever again. Happy learning!

After the interactions with the Backspace team, especially Partha Sir, I have come to realise it is much more than just coaching for interviews. It is really coaching for lessons on life, happiness and laughter. I can safely say that now I’m a much better version than I was when I had joined, from a nervous, tongue-tied person to a confident individual, with better structured thoughts. Today, I feel immense pride in being associated with Backspace and will always cherish the memories that this place has blessed me with. Another very important lesson that I will always carry with me from here is the spirit of Trying. It might seem like a cliché, but it has helped me a lot on both personal and professional front. This is especially because I realised how this helped me through the mock interviews, Gds and other group activities. The belief that the team instills in the students all the time makes the students try whole-heartedly which enriches the effort even more.

While many institutes exist to coach students for GD-PI, I was told that this one conducts highly personalized interviews and offers non-generic, actionable feedback. I had soon found it to be true upon joining Backspace. In the mock interviews, you will find yourself starting smartly but end up contradicting yourself. Every interview would be a lesson by itself. PPD sir is an excellent teacher and a great observer. It was his stress interviews that helped me face the panels of IIMs with ease and confidence. He manages to make you think about your mistakes and not take yourself too seriously – both at the same time. I used to spend time introspecting after interviews with him. I owe a good part of my success to the Backspace team. Thanks!

I joined Breakspace with the sole purpose of cracking the interview process. However backspace is far more than that. Not only did I improve my GD and speaking skills, with the different sessions on JAM, extempore and the various group activities organised to improve the team working skills, but the course is so designed that it helped me improve the way I think. It broadened my mind to think about simple issues from perspectives I never thought about. Moreover the umpteen number of interviews that one gets along with the transcript of interviews of different people also helps a lot to cover maximum number of questions that one can come across in an interview. I would like to thank Partha Sir, and team for helping me change from an under confident person to someone who believes in himself now.

I joined Breakspace when I realised that a good score in CAT is not enough and the process after it is as hard to crack. Breakspace offered unlimited interviews which ensured that I covered as many areas as possible and our mentors were very co-operative and helpful in plugging our shortcomings. These mock interviews helped me deal with the nervousness of facing an interview as well. The weekend classes by Partha sir were an absolute treat where my all round personality was developed and I almost always got a new perspective of looking at the world in a different lens.

I have been writing the CAT & OMETs for the past 3 years but could not managed to get a single call. I have got 4 calls this time and wanted to take an admission this year itself. My senior and well wisher has suggested me Breakspace for GD/ PI/WAT and SOP finalization. People at Breakspace work very hard with you to convert your calls. The feedback they provide helped me to work on my weak areas and crack my interviews. I have spent more than a week to frame a perfect answer for tell me about yourself. Converted SIBM Pune, SCHMRD , IIFT Kolkata with in the first list. I have decided to join IIFT Kolkata finally.

The Breakspace GD PI classes helped me a long way in getting into my desired B School. The knowledge sessions taught me how different perceptions can broaden my mind. The GDs helped me figure out how to get my point across in a diverse crowd. The PIs helped me practise every possible line of questioning. It made me search for answers by self introspection and formulate them such that they can withstand cross questioning if any. Extremely grateful to Partha Sir for being patient with me and guiding me in my journey to IIM Shillong.

I joined Breakspace to convert my PIs. The weekend classes were very helpful. On one hand, the GD and WAT practice helped us for our admission process whereas on the other hand the group tasks helped us develop team working skills, an essential skill for our MBA journey. Adding to that, there were several other things like JAM and extempore which helped us gain confidence. The USP of the course is you can take unlimited interviews which really helped me with a wide variety of questions asked and prepare me for the actual interview.

The moment I came to know about Breakspace from one of my college alumni, I got really interested to join it. And after going through it, I do not regret it at all. The kind of help that Partha Sir and his team has provided us is extraordinary. They work really hard with you and make sure all of your problems queries apprehensions reluctance are thoroughly addressed. Lastly, You attend sessions, do tasks with people who’d eventually join the best B-Schools of this country and the learning and bonding that develops during that phase is something you’d cherish forever. Thanks again Partha sir for being there always for us. always!

I joined Breakspace because of the fact that they offered unlimited interviews. What I did not realise at that time is how that was such a small part of the experience offered there. It was such a transformational journey that I would have difficulty in recognizing myself from 3 months back. The mentors all worked with me and helped me in identifying my issues and gave me guidelines on how to work on them. As for the classes and interviews, they were very all-rounding and covered each and every aspect that I needed to prepare for if I intended to crack a business school interview.

4 months at Backspace was a great learning experience for me not only in terms of knowledge and gearing me up for the interviews in my way but also it added a new dimension to my personality by helping me emerge as a better, confident, strong individual. It helped me think on my own feet and generate ideas at times of crisis as my thought process got a direction after numerous gainful interactions post mock interviews. I could hardly believe the fact that someone would put himself in my shoes, read my personality, feel it and then sail me through all my weaknesses and appreciate me for all my strengths, unless I would not have been at Backspace. Overall, I am surely gonna cherish my journey at Backspace for lifetime.

This was my second attempt at CAT. In CAT16, even after getting a very good percentile I wasn’t able to convert the call of my dream institute. But this year I could do that. The difference being I had joined Breakspace this year. Right from the first day, both Partha and Shahrukh Sir had instilled me the confidence that I could do it.The pedagogy of Breakspace is very unique. Fb group gave a platform to learn from others, improve the writing skills. The mock interviews helped me learn from my mistakes, to be prepared for any question that may come my way during an actual interview.Partha and Sharukh Sir acted as personal mentors and I owe them a lot for my success this year.

When I entered into backspace for the first time, I didn’t have much idea about their personalised development program except for the fact that some of my acquaintances spoke very highly of it. Fast forward to the month of may, I’m having admission offers from IIM Kozhikode and Indore. Needless to mention, what has played the most pivotal role behind this. It’s backspace consulting. Their course content, so well curated that it prepares an aspirant not only for entering into a bschool but beyond that as well. The sessions that I had attended at backspace taught me a lot but most importantly, humility. It was an absolute privilege to have Partha sir as the mentor, who by far is the most phenomenal communicator that I have ever met.

Akash Singhal

Soon after the CAT result, like many other students, I was trying to figure out a good coaching institute for my GDPI preparation. Due to my fear for this stage coupled with the fact that I had finally managed to secure calls from top B Schools after all these years of trying. I joined Breakspace mainly because of the positive reviews and also the fact that it was an online program – meaning I could attend interviews and sessions as per my time convenience. I cannot put into words the changes I have seen in myself as I went through the program. My fear of interviews started reducing with every mock interview. The amount of personal attention and guidance given by PPD Sir and team immensely helpful and helped me convert my best call.

As soon as the results of various entrance exams were declared, an anxious me looked forward to the next step. However, the job was only half way through. As aspirants know, the bigger picture is yet to come as the GD/Case Discussions/Written Ability tests and Personal Interview rounds are a harder nut to crack given only a select few gain admission into these prestigious institutes from an enormous number. Some suggested me this Backspace classes as they are known to provide you slots daily wherein you can arrange numerous interviews as you want till you get confident. In addition, they also held weekly classes which helped in GD preparation. I am indebted to Partha sir and team as they helped me a lot in my interviews and corrected me in so many of my interviews. One word of thanks is not enough to thank them, the institute has helped me set my foot in one of the best B-Schools.

Nikita Sethia

Backspace turned out to be a life changing experience for me. It helped me a lot in overcoming my fear of public speaking and I gained much more confidence in myself. We got to participate in ample GD’s, extempore, WAT. Group activity, being a part of each class helped in broadening my horizons. Activities like debates, knowing our fears, the marketing challenge, the mirror has helped a lot in my overall development. The mock interviews conducted by Partha sir and team gave us an exact idea of how the selection process in the B-schools would be like. Partha sir has always been there to solve our doubts. He was just a call away to help us in every possible way. He understood us so well. He knew our strengths, our weaknesses and helped us utilize it in our best interest. He has always been an inspiration to me and will continue to be so. I will always be indebted to him and Backspace.

It would be tough to quantify how much Backspace has helped me, since I don’t know what would have happened if I went else where. Here, I have learnt how to interact with people who are much better than me intellectually. I have grown more confident in my ability to learn and ability to solve challenging situations. I have learnt what my limits are and tried to surpass them. And as a bonus, I have converted one of my dream colleges. All thanks to Partha sir and team. Thankyou for everything sirs’. I am really glad I joined backspace.

I enrolled for GD-PI preparation module of Backspace. My goal was to go to an IIM for my PGP. With Backspace, Shahrukh Sir and Partha Sir in particular this was possible. The mentors here are available for us at anytime to clarify our doubts and concerns. Overall, I have learnt a lot from here. I highly recommend this for everyone as this will be really helpful and useful for you.

The entire season of Breakspace has been very eventful and enriching. The plethora of activities consisting of Group Discussions, Case discussions, Just a Minute sessions, Group Tasks, Knowledge sessions, WATs, Personal/Group Interviews, Leadership & Humility Session, etc enabled me to tackle any unexpected surprises in the GD-WAT-PI rounds of the different B-Schools. The mentorship of Partha Sir and team eased out many of the challenges that I faced. Overall, this journey not only helps you to ace through your B-School admission process, but also prepares you to face the bigger challenges in life in a better way.

After getting calls from different IIMs, I was not sure about what kind of preparation is needed for GDPI process. One of friend suggested me to join Backspace for concrete GDPI preparation. I remember my first mock interview where I wasn’t able to answer basic questions. With proper guidance from mentors through different b-schools based mock interviews and deep analysis of every aspect of interviews, i was well prepared for GDPI process. I will always be thankful to backspace for mentoring me and helping me secure admission offer from my dream B-school.

‘Breakspace played an influential part in my GD-PI preparation for B schools. Online program was very important for me as I was working in a remote location. Constant interaction with PPD sir and team, chiseled my skills to the extent that I felt confident and was ready for facing any kind of interview situations. Also constant monitoring and feedbacks from the Breakspace family ensured that I was updated of important happenings in the global context. The quality of peer group who are some of the brightest minds of country , coming from diverse backgrounds, give a real sense of healthy competition. I thank Breakspace for mentoring me to convert my best call !!!’

People think that once you get the opportunity to enroll yourself in one of the top b-schools your job is done. But sadly that is not it. At Backspace I learnt not only how to ace GD-PI of a b-school interview but how to build myself once I enter the institution. Though I had heard very good reviews about the Breakspace program, I was skeptical at first. But one session changed everything. The way Partha PD Sir teaches in class to the life lessons he wants to impart to us is really quite enriching. All the sessions conducted were well-planned. The program is not only about cracking the GD-PI it’s about preparing oneself for the next hurdle. Thank You Backspace!!!

Right from the start be that those backstab updates or those interviews conducted by Partha sir and team have always been on point .I got more than what I signed up for. Sir was accomodating when I wanted to give an offline interview. The knowledge sharing sessions on Sundays as well as the interview transcripts of other participants were very very helpful. My decision to enroll was fruitful when i was asked a question that i had prepared from one of the transcripts in one of my actual interview. Such incidents imbibe confidence in you. I was in awe of Partha sir and his people reading skills. I believe that I have earned a mentor for life. A true life designer in every aspect.

When I had joined Backspace, I had no prior knowledge about how ‘classes’ here worked. I was in for a real surprise when I discovered how enriching the sessions here actually were and how creativity and unconventional thinking was actively nurtured and encouraged here. On a personal level, Partha sir and the entire Backspace program has been godsend for an introverted and reticent person like me. The sessions at Backspace helped me immensely in emerging out of my shell. I did not have lot of calls as I joined Backspace and even though I could not convert whatever few calls I had, I am really glad I joined Backspace because what I take back are valuable lessons for life.

I remember the time at the start of my GDPI when I was looking for someone to guide me the way forward on how to make the best with the opportunity at hands. Breakspace turned out to be a great experience filled with knowledge while providing a deeper understanding of who I am as a person, with the help of some insightful sessions by PPD Sir himself. The knowledge sessions were the unique part where we were provided with the critical ‘B-School Gyaan’ and helped me prepare well on what to expect in a B-School while bridging some fundamental expectations gap. The group discussions and mock interviews with a constant feedback supported by a dedicated focus to specific call-based interviews helped me understand on what different B-Schools might be looking for in a candidate, and with Breakspace’s tremendous experience in this regard. it turned out to be quite advantageous. Thank you Breakspace!:)

After a disappointing CAT score, I had few good calls and thus it became important for me to make the most of those. Hitting the bullseye is much tougher when you have few shots to take and given the rigour of the whole GD-PI-WAT process, it was definitely an uphill task. So I thought that having mentors who could guide me through the process might be beneficial for me. Breakspace was suggested by a few of my friends. The experience here was enriching, to say the least. The classroom sessions are crafted keeping in mind the long term development of the students and many activities in turn prepared us for the selection processes of different B-Schools. The simulated personal interviews are also very beneficial and the personal feedback helped me improve gradually.

1. I have to thank Partha Sir. We all carry mountains on our shoulders. During these 2 hours, I realized that I am not the only one carrying this burden. There are others and each person has their own fight to deal with. What matters is your purpose and the values you possess. I am indebted to him for conducting this session.

2. The session was enlightening. I had never expected it to be this good. Partha Sir through stories, experiences and anecdotes helped me realize that there are others who are going through the same things as me, if not worse.

3. The session was aptly titled “Happiness Amidst the Chaos”. Partha PD helped us understand how to be more centered and gain more out of life. The live studies shared by him helped us understand the different nuances in which the learnings could be applied.

4. There was pin drop silence in the class during the session. I realized after a point that every person was feeding on PPD’s word with rapt attention. There were a couple with tears in their eyes. I think the stories and learnings he shared with us and the manner in which he shared with them was mind-blowing. The session speaks volumes about his ability as a life designer. I hope to reach out and connect on a deeper level in the future with him.

IIM Calcutta

Design thinking workshop conducted by Mr. Partha PD from Backspace in association with MAC, IIM Calcutta was aimed at stimulating the intellectual brains and enhancing the creative potential of the participants. 

FMS Delhi

The candidates thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and the common thread across all the individual feedback has been that the simulated interviews provided the richest learning experience.

IIM Raipur testimonial
IIM Raipur

The highlight of the sessions were interviews being conducted at regularly spaced intervals and the major lessons that we received were – to do a thorough SWOT analysis of self, to approach the interviewer with a positive mindset abandoning any trepidations.

IIM Bodhgaya testimonial
IIM Bodhgaya

The candidates thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and the common thread across all the individual feedback has been that the simulated interviews provided the richest learning experience.

IIM Kozhikode

Armed with the concepts of empathy, consumer journey planning, ideating, and prototyping, which were explained not only theoretically but also manifested with hands-on applications, the participants were able to derive method and meaning, which made the session all the more engaging.

IIM Ranchi

The students felt that the workshop was exhaustive and provided them with a head-start to delve deep into the consulting domain. Problem-solving by design thinking technique brought out the creativity of the students to solve real-life problems.