The Life Forward

May 15, 2020

You might have heard about “The Life Starter.” The point at which you decide to take responsibility of your life.

To live a life you would look back at with no regrets, you must have few principles to live by.

Our morals are mostly loose and easily lost in challenging times. When fine isn’t our sign. When fear is our wear. When hope is walking on a tight rope. To see clearly through light and dark, you need to have your eyes powered by few values so that your core is tight enough to fight the plight.

How do you identify those values? They stem from what frequently leaves your soul sore.

Do you remember? In a state of rage, you were no longer the sage. Betrayed your resume and costume. The delta between the rage and the sage is what you repeatedly game to tame but blame on someone’s name. The ill feeling you get from the difference between how you want to behave and how you actually behave. That delta is a hint of what your values could be.

Do you treat everyone with a baseline respect? If not, how do you feel when you behave disrespectfully? Bad? Then, one of your values could be to treat people well.

Take a pen and paper. Have a difficult dialogue with yourself. Write your values.

When everything else falls apart, you still have your values. With great dignity, you live by them.

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