Trina Chowdhury

Trina Chowdhury Testimonial
What would you do if you were a knife? And if you were Aamir Khan?’ – Such were the questions in the form I had to fill up, when I first met Partha. But where’s that form which requires a passport size photograph, and filling up pages with my grades, percentages and what not? It was right then that I realised that Backspace is not going to be something conventional… Partha (or PPD) – the man behind Backspace…Here was a person who refused to be addressed as Sir, would discuss anything ranging from Bollywood movies to the Indian Parliament and hardly slept because he did not want to leave any gap in helping us convert our calls…I also had an opportunity to be a part of an exceptional batch, which has contributed significantly to my success. The weekly BacksTab, numerous discussions, interviews (each different based on the profile of the student and the institute) and assignments – no stone was left unturned to help us secure a seat at the coveted B-schools. Above all, the individual attention by Partha, from the time of preparation till the results were out, the way he helped us correct our mistakes and the confidence he showed in us are but a few things that make Backspace different from others. At the end of this wonderful journey, I can say that Backspace doesn’t just prepare you for an examination or interview, but it prepares you for life at a B-school… Proud to be a Backspacian!