Utsab Chakraborty

I assume, by now you have gone through most of the testimonials that are on this page. If you have not, please do. They will definitely tell you 'what' differences Backspace has brought in their lives. But, I have decided not to bore you with 'my cliched story'. Rather I am going to tell you 'Backspace's story' - a glimpse of 'how' differences are made there.
That you can call your mentor @2am without ant hesitation and can easily share your very own secrets is unbelievable. That 'Big boss' and the 'weekend parties' can take a backseat in your life to classes, preparation and creative writing experimentations is unthinkable.
Backspace, unthinkable and unimaginable in so many ways, throws challenges that make you stand up on your feet but let you have 'fun' in gliding through the journey of exhibiting negotiation skills, creativity, decision making and personality improvement.
Backspace is bound to test your limit. Backspace is certainly going to create disruptive 'never-felt-before' effect in your life. But subtly in the process, it will also establish two threads. One, that will be between you two, which you can choose to ignore. The other one you cannot.
People around backspacians will always feel the difference.
If all these sound tempting, if being a better manager is your dream, then Backspace could well be your means. Hurry up and check out this awesome place for sharpening your communication and backspacing your arrogance.