Varun Agarwala

Varun Agarwala Testimonial
As a B.Com. fresher with limited exposure of the world, I had only one purpose of taking up GD-PI training at Breakspace: converting my calls. And that is the motive I stepped into Breakspace with for the first class. However, my perception turned on its head thereon. As a student of Breakspace, I took part in activities that I would never have otherwise done: British Parliamentary Debate, Beg.Borrow.Steal, Dance Act on Fear and many more. I learnt how to conduct myself in a plethora of situations, including, but not restricted to, group discussions and interviews. Partha Sir was less a mentor and more of an elder brother to me, always willing to address any queries or tackle any apprehensions, putting all of us before himself. In fact, he was the one to break my IIM Indore’s selection news to me! The entire Breakspace team had been thoroughly supportive every second of the journey, a quality which differentiates it from all other learning centres. My experience at Breakspace made me aware of both the fallacies of my character as well as effective ways to tackle them. Indeed, Breakspace gave me more than what is tangible, the intangibles being boundless. Thank you, Breakspace.