Vicky Roy

My first day at Backspace made all the difference. Now that I am at IMT Ghaziabad, is because of a decision taken at the right time and under the right guidance. This was my first attempt at CAT, and I wasn’t satisfied with my percentile of 90.66, and so I had made up my mind to give it a shot again. I came to Backspace the first day to enquire about Verbospace and get some inputs regarding my decision of another attempt. PPD never gave me a decision, but he provided me with options and the possible outcomes. I joined PDPbyPPD, and yes now I realize, that my job was half done then :). Gradually, I could tap into my potentials. PPD in a calm and composed way provided me with insights that used to boost my confidence after every mock interview. GD sessions were too good – so much that my B school GDs seemed relatively much easier. Very small things that did matter the most were: critical reviews, essay reviews, and group activities. Most important were those calls right after every B school GD-PI. PPD could assess whether I was getting heavier on my strengths or weakness, and used to advice accordingly. Even the first assignment of PDP, was most needed, because it was then, that I realized how important it was to spend time with myself and get to know the better of me. Out of many, the three key takeaways from PPD and not just PDP would be: 1. A great mentor is an exceptional teacher. 2. I should always uphold my character. 3. Learn to forgive – a takeaway for life