Vidhika Kalyani

Vidhika Kalyani Testimonial
The idea of joining Backspace was introduced to me by a fellow senior. When I went to enrol myself for Season 6 at Backspace,I happened to meet Partha Sir. He came across as a very calm and positive person and by the time I left,I was in awe of his communication skills. Ever since then,I looked forward to every class and there was always a take away at the end,in terms of knowledge, values and ideas. Every class comprised knowledge sessions,discussions,exchange of ideas juxtaposed with a lot of fun. The group activities helped me realize the prerequisites of being a good team player. The additional assignments with interesting topics motivated me to deliver my best within the stipulated time.The interactive sessions with Sir made me discover my strengths and weaknesses. His unbiased feedback encouraged me to work upon my flaws and helped me emerge as a much more confident and organised person. The journey was an enriching experience and I will always cherish those 12 weeks of my involvement with the place that helped me BACKSPACE my flaws and shape my personality in the best possible way.