My GMAT preparation started very late and hence, it was all very erratic and by the time I was done with my GMAT, deadlines for my target schools had reached way too close for my comfort and I didn't have the luxury of waiting another year as I had a work experience of over 7 years post my M.S in Pharma. I was determined to secure an admit. I naturally had to seek help from an experienced professional. I was in touch with Backspace's Saurav on and his responses to all my questions convinced me to seek his team's support with my applications.

Next was a call from Partha, Backspace's CEO. Partha was really busy back then and I had a few days left for first of my application deadlines but he never disappointed me. You can drop him a message and he will call back. He will never miss any date that he commits for a response. He is calm and composed and a very good listener. Same holds true for his team - I interacted with Saurav and Siddharth. Partha has created a wonderful team with everybody ready to answer your questions even on weekends or late evenings.

Partha would answer all my queries - over WhatsApp or phone calls. He helped me write really good essays - it was all my story but his inputs helped me work on the nuances. It is where we lack - the right presentation and portrayal of our own achievements and this is where an experienced professional like Partha plays a pivotal role. There were many things which I considered run of the mill, but Partha's perspective helped me understand their importance. This was way too important in my case as I was really short of time for a couple of my applications. His reviews and comments were indeed useful. Quite frequently I would ask him to review additional matter after he had given his inputs on the essays. I don't remember Partha ever losing his patience with me or failing to respond to my questions on a short notice. He is a real professional.

My GMAT score was not that good hence I was not confident but after he reviewed my profile, he was confident that I would make it to a good international school and here I am, ready to join IE, Spain (one of the top 10 schools internationally). Given my profile, he encouraged me to apply to top international schools. The result was that I got final admit from IE, got interview calls from ISB & SDA which I could not attend. I had positive answer from HEC as well. All these are top 30 B schools in the world. After getting positive responses from various schools I got a little confused but he was sure that I should go to IE, even though the expense would be greater - he is confident that the learning that I would have at IE would not match most other schools. I wish him and his team the best in future.