Vishwajit Mishra

I was looking for an institute/person to help me prepare for the GD/PI round. I had come across some names and decided to give Backspace a try. I remember calling Partha in the evening and requesting him to let me attend a mock class. When he said that it is not possible, I was a bit hesitant before committing myself by paying a significant fee. Partha asked me to connect with one of my seniors from IIT G who had attended Backspace. This senior of mine gave a very strong feedback and the next evening I was there at Backspace to enroll myself in the program. While filling the registration forms itself, I got the feeling that PPD (as he is called) and his approach is quite different. What distinguishes him from the rest is the fact that he is able to dive into your world, understand your feelings, and connect with you at a personal level. His recommendations for you are thus customized. What I especially liked about him was his work ethic, meticulousness, and his ability to psychologically assess every individual. This clearly sets him apart from the rest since he is able to lend a personal touch. I hadn’t faired very well on the CAT result day and thus had only limited calls from IIMs A,I,S and SP Jain (Marketing), and MDI. I had been appearing for interviews and writing application essays earlier as well, since I was applying to colleges abroad. But this year I could clearly see a significant improvement in my responses to WAT questions and my Interview performances also improved drastically. I was performing well in mock interviews and by the time of actual interviews, I was quite confident of my ability to deal with WAT/PI rounds. I performed very well in all my actual interviews and I owe this largely to PPD.