Vivek Tripathy

My journey at Backspace started in April 2013. I had a call from a less-known business school- KJ Somaiya for its PGDM (core) program. I wanted to enhance my chances of selection, so I thought of pursuing a GDPI program, but most GDPI programs showed me the doors because it was the end of season. One of my friends recommended me to visit Backspace because it had unique method of interviewing candidates. I was able to convert my KJ Somaiya call by preparing for few days at Backspace and being personally mentored by Partha. Partha encouraged me to achieve my potential and try again for a better and this advice was the turning point in my life. I joined the Verbospace program at Backspace in 2013 and it improved my confidence in Verbal Ability. Partha believes and works harder than his students and probably this is the reason that even his weak students have tasted remarkable success. When Partha used to say to me that I am underestimating my potential and I will study in XIMB I didn’t believe it. In 2014, I went to another famous GDPI institute in Kolkata but I found that I was just one of the hundreds of students who are not given any personalized advise, where GDPI training is not practical but theoretical and not customized according to student’s requirement. In 2015, when I got GDPI calls from SCMHRD and XIMB, I was certain that I needed to join Backspace in order to convert my calls. I believed that if I focus on whatever I learn at Backspace without joining any other GDPI program from other institutes, the learning would be complete. At Backspace there was something new to learn in every class. For example, the sales race, group discussions at tea junction, different types of group activities, various types of group discussion, intense debates. The personal interview sessions at Backspace instilled confidence in me for two reasons because I got as many interview sessions I asked for and second reason being the interview sessions at Backspace were tougher than the actual college interview. Even when I failed and got rejected by SCMHRD, Partha boosted my morale and helped me overcome my failure by telling that I will convert XIMB. In Partha, I found a teacher, mentor, coach and guide who showed me light when I thought that I am in woods of darkness. Backspace prepared me not only for my GDPI but also gave me an idea about the business school life ahead. One thing I like about Backspace is its discipline. We were made to undergo rigorous routine of various activities relating to GDPI preparation but I feel that they have helped me in the long run in my b-school journey so far. Backspace has changed my perspective about things to expect in a b-school. It is the institute with a difference with personal touch by its founder Partha who constantly strives to raise the bar of performance and quality.