Yash Vardhan Choudhury

Yash Vardhan Choudhury Testimonial
I remember last year, when I failed to convert a single B-school. Contrasting this with this year, when I have converted all my calls, save one, in which I was the top 20 performers in GDPI. I have backspace to thank for this achievement. The effort you have put in as teachers and mentors is commendable. I would like to thank for all the pointers after every interview, where the smallest things were pointed out that I was doing wrong. I would also like to thank for the amazing knowledge sessions I had towards the end. I learnt a lot about things I didn’t really know. The session on Indian history and foreign relations was captivating.

A lot of my actual interviews went the way in which mock interviews were conducted. The sheer amount of effort that was put in me is in itself a comment on his work ethics and strong drive to help others. Words fall short to express how much you all have helped me. Although my interaction with was limited to three, maybe four interviews, the areas questioned me from and told me to brush up on were instrumental to me being able to answer the technical questions thrown at me by panelists from various B-schools.

Finally, I would like to thank Partha Sir, for his sessions, which definitely helped in standing out from the crowd in the group discussions. I would like to thank Sir for his interviews, which gave me a glimpse into how one can think differently and use that as an advantage. I would also like to thank Sir for having rules and being serious about them, which helped me inculcate a sense of punctuality. Finally, I would like to thank Sir for an opportunity to work on Life Designer. As a whole, I would like to thank the entire firm, Backspace Consulting LLP, for helping me inside and outside the classroom.