Yatin Paliwal

I am Yatin Paliwal, a graduate from IIT Guwahati and I was working with SAIL in its Durgapur Steel Plant. This year I will be joining IIM Lucknow, thanks to Backspace for making my journey to B-school very smooth. Just like any B-school aspirant, after cracking CAT, I was very apprehensive about the next hurdle i.e. GD/PI. When I attended the first session of PDPbyPPD, I instantly realized that this is the place where I should be learning about nuances of communications, which will be helpful for B-school interviews. PPD not only grooms you for the interview process but life at large. He not only makes his students feel confident but also helps them to uncover their hidden talents, which everybody has. The amount of effort and hard work which he puts in every class is unmatchable. The most impressive thing about his pedagogy, which lags in other coaching classes, is that he doesn’t try to change you, rather he brings out the best in you and makes you presentable in the interview. He makes you feel being friends with him and learns about you to tell you things which even you may not know – very helpful in preparing answers to the personal questions. He is very patient and he believes in little improvement on a daily basis. I myself have seen a lot of improvement in myself after attending sessions conducted by him. His personalized feedback helps to tackle GD/PI very effectively. With my own experience here, I can definitely say that this is the best any B-school aspirant can hope for.